$500 Pot Bonus League in LA - First event NOV 18th SATURDAY

World-8 and Brachyon are proud to present you with our first Marvel vs Capcom Infinite league tournament with at $500 pot for the overall winners!

Saturday November 18th, 25th and December 2nd, sign ups and casuals start at 6pm tournament at 7pm.

Venue fee $3, tournament fee $5, controller rental $2.

The top 3 of each tournament will earn 15, 10 and 5 points.

Each individual tournament will have its own pay out.

The $500 pot bonus will be split 60/30/10 to the top 3 overall placements.

Stream will also be provided by Kerncountyesports.

Sign up for event 1/3 happening Saturday nov 18: Sign Up Here

League info here


Console - PS4

3 out of 5 rounds, double elimination, time set to 99 seconds.

Auto combo, auto super jump is not allowed.

Winner cannot change characters or stone.

Stages will be random select.