500 reasons you know you have played too much Street Fighter

I thought I might make a thread related to all the Street fighter things we all have done, seen, or experienced that go way beyond the basis that it’s just a game. Try to be funny, original, honest, and most of all have fun. Well I’ll start… YOu know you have played too much street fighter when:

  1. You know each and every one’s special moves
  2. you know each and every single storyline related to all the characters
  3. You play with an arcade stick rather than a normal controller
    ( That’s would be most of us)
  4. You have every single incarnation of street fighter (including the rip off version Fighter’s Dream :rolleyes: )
  5. You cosplay as your favorite character
  6. You immitate your favorite character
  7. You have mastered the art of parrying
  8. You have beaten the game on the hardest setting with ease :tup:

Whoa did I miss something? What is this game? and where do I get it? (Or at least some screens of it would be nice)

  1. You trash talk with your family at the dinner table
  2. You name your pets after SF
  3. Any normal chore becomes “rushing that shit down”
  4. You actually think Ricky Ortiz is cool.
  5. Lucky 13, who wants to field this one?

youre about to come so you pull out and aim at your woman’s face and yell:
and HAd000000000000000ken when u finally come

I got it.

13.You think of combos to make the day go by at work.
14.You regularly debate with friends about who would win canon wise in a fight.
15.You’re a member of SRK.(hahahahaha)
16.You fantasize about SF 4.
17.“Turtling”(as well as RTSD)become a basic part of your vocab.

Oh man, I had a dog named Ryu once.:rollseyes:

18.you start to perform hadouken motions in your sleep
19.you cant stop dreaming about Rose and Chunli
20.you always try to perfect your own dragon punch
21.you own a copy of the Street Fighter comic by Udon

  1. When you fight in real life, you actually tried to use some moves off SF.
  2. When you hear the word ‘ratio’, you immdediately think of CvS2.
  3. You actually tried parrying in real life.
  4. When you’re not playing, your hand does joystick motions of a certain move.

26: You’ve tried to do a Hadouken in real life at LEAST once.


ok, I got some,

  1. If a punk swings a sledgehammer/iron baseball bat at you, you actually put up your hand in a blocking motion thinking that might really decrease the level of damage

  2. when fighting in real life, you don’t show any sign of damage until the final punch is landed and you fall to the ground, energy depleted

  3. you would wonder if karate actually does teach you how to toss fireballs…

  4. you would ‘own’ so much people in your town that they declare you mayor :bgrin:

30: you scream out the names of the moves of everyday activities


side note: Dragonsama, it was a game that was released for the SNES. I"m sure you can find it. Be prepared to laugh.
anyways what number do I get… ok

  1. You only play street fighter games at home and have a portable version of it to go as well,
  2. You own a street fighter controller.
  3. You practice the moves straight from the game and claim that character is your “master”
  4. You compete to show the world the skills you have.
    ( hey, I know I would)
  5. You decide to buy the street fighter costumes for your younger brother
    ( see anniversary collection manual)
  6. You create a website dedicated to a certain move of a particular game. :tup:

LOL at Silly… I can see someone trying to do a shoryuken during a real fight.

  1. your aim name is related to street fighter
  2. You cant quit thinking about going to the arcade to play more street fighter.
  3. You start using street fighter terminology on a daily basis. “Dang man your such a turtler!”
  1. When you know the pantie colours of all the SF chicks.
  1. When you make a thread about how many reason you know you’ve played too much SF.
  1. when you realize you posted a reason for a number that already exists in this category. :karate:
    41.You fantasize how a certain character should be in real life. (Mainly the women fighters.)
  2. You happen to teach your baby child that the most important letter in the alphabet is “Q”
  1. You start “tiering” people you know.

tiering? WTF is that?

43 you make popcorn to watch a SF combo movie well I do

44 it ruins your day when you lose and cant figure out how to beat that tactic…

(dhalsim punch throw, low kick, repeat? anyone?)

  1. people do an online search for your name and see your tournaments standings and call you “famous”. :expressionless: