515 Get Down - Des Moines, Iowa - 08/02/2009

Hello everyone,

This is our first Street Fighter tournament here in Des Moines. It will be located at Allplay Location

The main event is Street Fighter but we have a growing numbers of people who play UFC here. It wasn’t my choice but the sponsors have been getting acknowledgment from the community. We may have another game subject is to change. I myself would like to throw KOF XII and BlazBlue but that is depending on what we will have for our competitors. If any of you out there are interested in coming and have any other ideas please do let me know.

Pre-registration is $5 each game. The day of it will be $8. You can go to trucloudy to pre-register

Just give us a low down of your name and contact info and the day of you will just have to pay the $5 fee.

Each of our sponsors will have prizes for winners and they’ll be a cash prize for the winners. After the event we will be headed to 21

Street Fighter IV RULES:

*Street Fighter for platform: PS3

*This will be a double elimination tournament. So, although you lose you will still be able to play again to go ahead and try against the person of the winners bracket.

*With the losers bracket all non winner competitors will be playing against each to move on to the final match.

*Once we have established the winner for the winners of both brackets will we have the final match.

*Dont be discourage you will have you chance again to try and win.

  • This will be best 2/3 matches So if you happen to lose and you would like to counter the other opponent you will have the chance to do so, but the winner will have to keep the same character.

*There will be no bands of characters in Street Fighter IV.

*Macros for Street Fighter is allowed.

*Please bring your own controller. We will have controllers/joysticks to loan but we really would like to encourage you bring your own.

UFC Rules:

*Platform for UFC XBOX 360

*Players must choose from the same weight class.

*This will be best 2/3 matches.

*This is a double elimination tournament.

*The winner of the losers bracket will play the winner of the winners bracket.

The final matches from SF4 and UFC will be played once we have established the final competitors. After the tournament we will head to one of our sponsors “21 Sake,” a sushi bar to announce winners and prizes also to have a good time. I hope to see all yous guys there, and thank you for taking the time to read the thread.


When you say cash prize how much is this “cash” prize

What time will it be starting? Also throw in HD Remix instead of KOF, no one here plays KOF. :tup:

sondogg: Fantastic question songdogg, since this is our first we I will be trying really hard for a good amount for the cash prize I didn’t want to present any information on that yet because of how it will turn out. I do know that I have enough for first prize and it will be worth it. It’s nothing huge but you’ll enjoy it. If anything I will be using part of my financial aid to cover it.

Also our sponsors have many prizes that is worth more than $100. On top of that you win cash. I will keep you inform though.

Grog: I will see what I can do with the HD Remix. I’m looking forward have the interests of the competitors.

Alright, let us know what the prizes are and we’ll be there.

On the topic of cash prizes, we want a definitive amount. There’s been way too many cases reported, here on srk, of players getting scammed out of their winnings and I sure as hell am not joining their ranks. Either

  1. Give us an exact amount and stick to it, or
  2. Percentage i.e. how much of the total entry fees is divvied between placers (e.g 70/20/10 which I like best)

No idea what this means…

Not liking this…

I will also say that I would rather see hdr or st run over kofxii. BB’s kinda… meh… whatever, it’s free money.

In all fairness even Evo allows them. And your AV says different on your opinion of BB :rofl:

But yeah once the prizes are announced we’ll know if we should prereg or not :tup:

I’m gonna go head and throw down my title as the old guard of central iowa fighting games for a second and give suggestions to hopefully make this thing a success. Whether you care to listen to them or not is completely up to you, it’s your shin-dig and not mine but here goes.

  1. Be ABSOLUTELY clear on your distribution of prizes. If there is an entry fee, there better be a pot that is split between the top 3, or cash prizes that are at least equal to the tournament fee (venue fee is another story). I highly suggest the old standard of 70/20/10 pot split for top 3 respectively.

  2. Run a tight ship: Have ample setup, competent bracket runners, and get shit moving in a decent amount of time. Sloppy run tourneys tend to discourage people from returning for a second go round.

  3. Run the games the paying players want to play. If you want to talk about fighters that people from central iowa are going to be willing to play right now, you are looking at SF4, Blazblue, and HDR. Those 3 have the biggest following and have the most readily available platforms and setups.

  4. If theres a community for UFC, i haven’t heard of it, but i can tell you right now most SF/GG/BB etc. players could give jack about it, not knocking the game because i haven’t played it, but if you are looking for SRK players to build the turnout, UFC will not help that cause.

That’s all i can think of the top of my head. I’d love to see tourneys take off here, i especially hope people get into the newer games, Blazblue especially. Get us some more concrete information and hopefully you can have a nice turnout from the central iowa players.

Thank you all for your input on the tourney so here’s how we have it so far;

Street Fighter 4
1st place: $200 & Tickets to the Glory Fighting
2nd place: $50 & $50 Allplay game card
3rd place: $25 $ $50 Applay game card

My sponsors has told me that there are people registering for this, but this one will be whoever wins will take the entry pot.

Street Fighter HDR
Since you asked for it, this will be put in. Winner for this will be the pot money. If I can work with prizes I will do so.

I just want to inform you that subject to prizes may change, but not for the worse, but for the better.

pbj_mixxa: Maybe I stated it wrong but players can choose whoever they want to choose in Street Fighter 4. I know you don’t like macros and I personally do not too. The reason for this is so scrubs won’t complain about them not being able to bind what their controllers. I use a joystick so I’m not worried. *But I won’t be playing although I really want to. Also, I really want BlazBlue. I am addicted!

Klaige: You’re advise means a lot. I know this isn’t a place for UFC suggestions but again we do have registrations. As of right now. We can’t put in BlazBlue since I won’t be really able to have a prize for that. Unless you have an idea? Pot prize? I really do love BlazBlue.

Grog: Thank you for your support.

This will begin at 11:00a.m.

Again, please everyone let me know anything else.


Great, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll register as soon as I get home (work blocks pretty much everything yet I can be on SRK, gotta love it). Shoot me a pm if you need help with this by the way.

Oh also we really appreciate the open mindedness. The reason why we instantly asked all of these questions is because on more than one occasion some of us have went to a tourney where they would never give out this information and it turned out to be a complete waste of time, like once pbj_mixxa was told he couldn’t use his stick because others weren’t, then he ended up winning only a poster if I recall.

Well you have a nice pot going there, effectively 275+ 100 store cred for SF 4. Which means your giving a payout of effectively 50+ entrants, seems reasonable considering even midwest only drew 89 entries.

My suggestion to you would be to be open to having side tournaments held. Right now I wouldn’t have much of a reason to attend since Blazblue is my business game (and your sponsors have every right to pick what they want, it’s their cash so i respect that).

That being said you can always bolster your turnout by supporting side tournies. If someone is willing to run a bracket and have a straight forward entry fee and pot payout, im guessing quite a bit of spillover from the main tournies would sign up. This is assuming of course there is enough extra room for setups and such. Since this is your first go at this I can understand if there won’t be enough room for it.

If blazblue finds a way in i will check this out, otherwise best of luck with the event.

I used to tear it up in UFC. Can’t see it being an exciting tournament fighting game…but meh…it’s the only one I’d have a chance in the darkest spot of hell of winning a match or two. Haven’t picked it up in a while.

And…do you encourage cosplay? I call Bang Shishigami.

Damn, $275 in cash prizes seems pretty sweet. Even with $8 entry, that’s still a 34 man tourney which is highly improbable in IA (this doesn’t even take prizes into account). Almost sounds too good to be true (which I hope it isn’t).

Sure, I’m game.

Tourney was free (in more ways than one! :rofl:) so it wasn’t that big a deal.

[EDIT] Is there any way we can get a slightly later start time for SF4?
[EDIT2] btw, your poster says $10 day of yet your post above says $8 day of. Which is it?

What kind of tv’s you runnin this on not some laggy tv I trust,?


All right guys here’s the deal. I am going to try and get BlazBlue to be in the tournament. I really do enjoy this game just as much as you guys do. I will have to speak to the sponsors and the promoters. If this is in it may have to be up to the pot. I will try my best to do what I can with prize for that game. I am already investing a lot. I would love to hear from you guys of how we can do this?

Klaige: I would love to go a round with you. If we do get BB you think we can pull in people to join that game as well.

GriffD17: I would love that very much.

Since Street Fighter is the main game I’m figuring that’s all people want to enter. I can post up BlazeBlue on trucloudy.com and also. If I can push players to join all of the good games that would be great. So I’ll keep you posted and please if you have anything to help out let me know.

Grog: Thanks for offer of assistance I think I will need it .

Any help to make this better will be great.

pbj_mixxa: It may start a little later that’s when they are open we will have to set things up anywho. Day of price will be $8 dollars. We were going for $10 but decided not to just in case people want to use that for food or drinks.


I think Klaige was meaning for Blazblue is just to let him run it on the side, if you get sponsors to help that fuck yes but I think he was just wondering more of just allowing him to run it and do a split entry fees of 70/20/10 on the side.

And as pretty as LCD’s are most of them do lag after all, old CRT’s are ideal and are actually used in all tourneys pretty much :tup:

I reckon I might just enter the BB tourney to increase the pot and get the BB players from here to show up. Free wins people. Free wins.

Then after I lose I’ll watch the rest of the action.

I like the idea, but when you say controllers/joysticks for loan could you specify? Most of us don’t own a ps3. And this will be a family friendly event right?

Grog: Thank you for clearing that up. I will see if we can pull that off I’m meeting with the sponsors tomorrow and I promise I will push BB. The venue closes at 8. So I think we should have ample time.

Klaige: If I get this approve would you want to help me with BB? I almost actually want to play in that one.

EvilZangief: I do have a joystick just one but if need be I’ll find another but controllers I have plenty. Allplay is a family fun center so if you have family go ahead and bring them along there are games up stairs for children to play.

I know I’m missing some things but I will again keep you posted. Also please, any ideas will be great. If there are any problems let me hear them.


Equipment: Most of you use joysticks right? I only one good hori one and there is a really cheap bad hori one I can get. If you have your own sweet deal. If you use controllers, also sweet deal.

I’d be willing to help run a blazblue side event sure. If need be im sure we can get extra setups (i have a 360, i know grog has a 360, etc).

Let me know what you think, even if it’s just a traditional entry fee pot of 70/20/10 im sure we can get entrants in the teens.