515 Get Down - Des Moines, Iowa - 08/02/2009

We are getting like 3 tvs? maybe? Is it possible you can bring a tv? If not we can still do it on my console, but what do you guys use? Pads or sticks? Oh and I’ll be talking to the sponsors today.

Can you also clarify the 70/20/10 pot fee?

Thanks, Ake

We all play on sticks for the most part, I have one that works on both PS3 and 360.

What the 70/20/10 means is basically say he runs BlazBlue and gets 10 people join (for easy numbers, hopefully more do). He can charge whatever he wants but the standard is usually $5 per person to join so at 10 people he’d be sitting on $50. The 70/20/10 is the percentage of the total pot payed out to 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd so 1stwill get $35, 2nd will get $10 and 3rd will get $5 (basically they’re entry fee back).

Call me slow, but… is this is actually happening on a sunday? Coz that may cause a problem for me.

Have no fear. If a ride is the issue I can provide one.

Hello again,

BlazBlue is now in. As well as rules will be suggested as Klaige’s.

Thanks for all your help guys. We’re hoping to be receiving a couple registrations each day so far it’s going fairly well. Most people are in for the Street Fighter one. I’ll try to push the other games also.


I’ll be trying to keep updates on my page on trucloudy

I’m coming to this. This looks good. It will be my first fighter tourney.

That website you have looks real nice. If you want to put this up on there the rules for HD Remix are

-Double elimination, 2/3 rounds best of three games
-Winner keeps must keep character but loser may change
-HD Remix mode
-4:3 aspect ratio (staying consistent with Evo)
-Double KO gives both players a win. If this turns the game into a draw a rematch will be held, but if it gives one player 2 wins and the other only 1 then the player with 2 will win (I know it’s a “duh” rule but got to say it just in case)
-No Akuma
-If under 20 entrants then all games will be best of three except for finals will be 3/5, if over 20 people might as well do semi finals 3/5 with finals 4/7… but I’ll leave this up to you guys that might be excessive
-Prize payout will be a 70/20/10 percentage of the pot for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively

For Blazblue i would post up these rules.

-2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, double elimination.
-No unlimited characters.
-Loser of a game may switch characters, winner must keep the same character.
-Easy Specials are not allowed. (mapping special moves to the analog stick or buttons)
-Macros for multiple buttons ARE allowed (there hasnt been an official decision on this yet, but this is how it went in GGXX so we’ll keep it for now).
-Grand Finals 3/5 games. (If enough entrants we could push it to 3/5 for winners/losers finals and 4\7 grand finals).

I could bring a PS3 with Street Fighter 4 and BB.

Updated with rules on the front page http://www.trucloudy.com

Oh and please if you guys know where I can post up these flyers to gather more of the public that will be really nice. I’ve hit up;

Mar’s Cafe
Day Dreams
21 Sake
A haircut place
Planet Sub (kinda)
The wine place there

Also if you can spread the word that will be sweet! Thank you… all of you. Sincerely can’t have gotten further without you guys.

Mayhem Comics, Should ask some Gamestops to see if they could promote it for you.

Love: Thank you very much. Can you direct me where Mayhem Comics are? I’ve tried Gamestop and Gamers they are a no go.

I don’t know if it’s much use to you, but there is one in Ames right on Lincoln Way. Pretty much across the street from Lake Laverne. Not sure about the other locations.

Here’s the address for both of the Mayhems in Iowa.


I guess you could put stuff up at DMACC Campuses if you would want to. They have bulletins and stuff there.

GriffD17: You think you can do me the favor of having one posted up there since it’s in Ames? If not it’s all good not too worried.

Love: Thank you.


Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason this is on a sunday?

Do you guys need any TVs, PS3, SFIV, and/or BB?

Sorry for the delay. Been busy with school work.

pbj_mixxa: The reason being is that Allplay says it’s not that busy on Sundays and their rooms was opened for us that day.

~Love~: I will see we may need another Ps3 and a TV. I’m not sure if we have 2 Ps3’s and an Xbox or it was Ps3’s.

If you need it I’ll bring a 360 with both SF4 and Blazblue, is there a deadline for pre-reg by the way?