530 Session

Saturday night i’m hosting a session at my house

yuba city ca
605 queensbury way

not many players around here so i’m hoping a lot of people make it out!

Do you happen to be Stewie? The one that went to The City once or twice and is friends with Mitchell and Kyle?

thats me

Haha coolbeans. I don’t think I can make it, but if I can, I will.

Alright man thanks

Oh damn, way further than I thought o_o. You and Mitchell made quite a trek to The City the times you went o.o

yeah, there isn’t any competition here so its necessary to travel the distances to get decent matches. Though obviously we can’t do it that often unfortunately. In any case, yuba city sucks.

That’s so weird - you guys have the same area code as Davis, yet you’re one hour away o_o

I will be there for 1 dollar money matches! Come take my money!

Chico also has the same area code, and that’s another 45 minutes north. Never knew Davis was 530 though.

Anyways, even if it just ends up being me and Mitchell I’m looking forward to this.

Why so you can keep adding to my “Stewie 1 dollar money matches” retirement fund?


those matches are always so close, i’ll get you next time.

Yo Stewie, I wrote a song for you. This is why I’ll be there Saturday.


Yo, I am visiting my parents in Grass Valley for a couple weeks. Anyone else from SRK live near here and want to get some games down? I might be able to make it down to Yuba City this weekend if I don’t have too much work to do around here. That would be pretty cool. I got PS3 and 2 sticks here and I’m off Highway 20 kind of near Penn Valley.

Sweet. We’d love to have you and your equipment!

im down, if romeo goes ill try n ride wit him io got gas siince its so far romeo


if anybody wants to bring their system feel free :wink:

i have my pc and a few tvs for any other systems

Got called to work Saturday night. Will be there at 10pm. Anyone confirmed yet?

I lived in Yuba for a long time and was pretty Pro at smash. (Truffle) Have we met before at powerplay? I’ve thrown SF4 at the Yuba monthlies at there the last 3 months. : )

You are always welcome to come to Reno and play. (Where I live now.) I’ll try and come down when I’m visiting friends and get some sf4 in.