562 area code[ Long Beach/Downey/Paramount/Lakwood,etc.]

anyone up in here in or around these area, maybe we could start something haha. Sorry if this is a repost, I haven’t seen a 562 thread yet.

Which games do you play?


reffer to friday night beatdown thread…

i play downey too

I’m pretty good at Lakwood.


Norwalk!!! Yess!!!

Long Beach niggas! 3s casuals at noon at my pad ftw"?

Cerritos/Lakewood :cool:

If I’m up during the weekend.

yo cerritos/lakewood

friday night beatdown is within ur guys area if im not mistaken…??? but then again its always good to have more gathering n shyyt!

hey Im from paramount too.

Thats cool, umm how should we organize this?

I dont play 3’s a lot except on ggpo for fun. hmm where ur pad at? haha
I’m always at long beach on the weekends anyways.

I play mostly sf4. We should start something but I dont know where to start… u guys got any ideas? btw, dj vestThe Friday Night beatdown is to far from me to drive. but then again…I try to consider it.

Like right on Orange blvd. very close to Artesia blvd. I plays lots of 3s very little sf4 , but I’ll play it for fun:lol:

Long Beach here, it’s too bad Regency sucks ass

Hey meesterwong18
What part of paramount?
I’m at Orange and Rosecrans

Downey and Flower, lol.

I’m over in Long Beach off PCH near the traffic circle.

Downey here.