562 Area Players


Yeah I heard CSULB has a cabinet, if so do any of you guys play there, or do you guys play on console? Are there any local tourney’s as well since I would like to play the local competition.

edit: SF 4 sorry.


competition… in 562???


Play what, exactly?


in for a 562 thread. Closest place i know of that has tourneys is PC arena in fullerton. Theyre having one on Sept. 19 as a matter of fact


The 562 definitely needs a spot. I think there might be a place that will start up with some weekly casuals.


i have casuals at my house every fridays so just pm me for more details and i live in pico rivera:lovin:


but pico rivero is full of those filthy


no your confusing it with south gate and lynwood.




I used to live in pico rivera, its not full of mexicant’s :arazz: Huntington Park is full of dirty mexicant’s. Man regency used to be the spot, now its just marvel and maybe 3s :bluu: que la chingada they wont get lolfighter 4:bluu:


You shut your filthy spic mouth.


also lovepigs garage is a spot for non street fighter 4 player looking to play games. We play sf4 sometimes too but we often try hard to avoid it.