567,100 (difficult)/546,200 (ezmode) non-corner, meterless combos with Magneto. The new BnB's?

note: this thread was originally called “Linking jH Airdash jH Flight jM with Magneto” because that was what i initially intended to share. however, after creating this thread, i discovered that jH Airdash jH flight jH can be linked; leading to combos that are composed entirely of fierces. go down to post 4 for more info

i’ve known about this for nearly 2 months but haven’t shared it because i figured it’d be old news to the labmonsters, but now that i’ve still yet to see anybody do it/nobody has mentioned this in the magneto combo thread i’m starting to wonder if i discovered something. my apologies if this is old.

magneto can link jH airdash jH flight jM -> airdash jH’s (his vanilla bnb) from outside of the corner in umvc3; some adjustments just have to be made. i’ll do my best to convey a tutorial without a video:

  1. cLMH S
  2. wait ~1 second for them to near the peak elevation of the S
  3. superjump towards them (you cannot link this if you superjump straight up)
  4. hit them with the top part of jH’s hitbox. after the superjump, align yourself so that you are under them; if you are horizontal to them you won’t be able to do step 5…
  5. airdash **past them. **this is key
  6. hit them with the top-back part of jH’s hitbox (you are on the opposite side of them)
  7. activate flight mode by performing a quartercircle in the opposite direction you normally would. for example, if you started the combo on the left side of them you would do 896, **not 874. **because the game registers you as being on the other side of them, this is how you have to enter flight. if you quartercircle + S normally, you’ll TAC them.
  8. jM -> series of airdash jH’s -> 1 hypergrav corner rep -> sH S jMMHS

adds roughly 25k [to a meterless combo; even more if meters are spent] as a result of using jH -> jM instead of jM -> jL; the latter scales your combo hard.

this is fairly easy to do once practiced and should make jM -> flight -> jL obsolete if people are willing to learn it. enjoy

edit: read post #4; it is possible to link jH rather than jM after entering flight mode on the opposite side of them, meaning that your combo can be composed entirely of H’s.

i’ve seen something like #6 in Kanta-Kun’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hnle9GJHpHE#t=27s . Good shit on revealing your tech

Yeah this has been known for a while but its always nice to have someone break it down and explain it. Good shit.

a major discovery has been made!!

a couple of minutes ago, it hit me that it may be possible to do a jH after entering flight mode rather than a jM. surely enough, it works. my bnb is now:

cLMH S jH airdash jH flight jH (airdash jH) x6 /flight jH sH hypergravL 1hypergravrep sH S jMMHS

546,200 meterless from anywhere

this combo is composed entirely of fierces. in other words, i am fairly certain it is impossible to come up with a better non-corner combo unless someone finds a way to incorporate S/jS

edit: I’ve been able to improve this even more; this time reaching 567,100 meterless from anywhere

this one is legitimately hard, however, and not nearly as reliable as the first.

as i was saying earlier, the 546,200 combo could theoretically only be improved by incorporating S or jS into the combo. i went into the lab just now with the intention of doing just that. i started the combo with a single rom loop (sj up and towards them, jH, airdash down and towards them, jH). then i S to relaunch, and here’s where i hit a wall…

after the rom loop/S, if you jH airdash (past them) jH flight and then try to jH, it won’t connect. so instead, i tried to superjump immediately past them and jH (using the back part of jH’s hitbox because i am on the opposite side of them). then, i activated flight using the reverse method i spoke of in the OP. the jH afterwards connected!

for this combo, you can’t jH below them, then easily airdash past them, jH them again and do reverse flight. you have to go past them with the initial superjump (well, the second one because you’ve already done a rom loop) and reverse flight after the very first jH. it is very hard to connect the jH -> airdash jH’s afterwards, but it is possible (you can verify this by doing the combo in the corner, which is fairly easy).

here is the combo:

cLMH S sj jH airdashdownforward jH S sj(behind them) jH flight(reverse) jH (airdash jH)x5* /flight jH sH hypergravL 1hypergravrep sH S jMM**HS

*airdash jH 5 times, not 6. if you do it 6 times, your hypergrav loop afterwards won’t connect and you will do less damage overall.

**if you’re going into supers afterwards (i.e. wesker assist -> hypergrav H -> tempest), try to only do jMHS to end the combo. the second jM makes for more damage if you do a meterless combo, but it will scale your supers afterwards if you choose to spend any and lead to a net loss in damage (the first jM is still necessary for suspending them in the air for long enough).

567,100 meterless from anywhere

edit2: forget everything I just said about the 567,100 being difficult because of the superjump in back of them -> reverse flight thing. turns out you can just do the single rom loop, S, sj and jH immediately, go into flight, and link the H’s afterwards. no going behind them/activating flight mode in reverse necessary. no jL necessary to connect the jH’s after the flight. this is actually pretty easy to do consistently.

Yeah the single ROM into jS jH fly jL jHHHHH is ShadyK’s BnB. I think a Japanese Magneto (LiquidMetal I think?) does the same BnB but uses the backwards unfly tech. by adding an adf jH before the fly.

it’s possible to do it without the jL. ROM loop, S, sj towards them and jH immediately, flight, then jH (not jL) into 5 airdash H’s (not 6 or you can’t hypergrav loop).

If you do 4 or 5 airdash Hs instead of 6, you get 2 hyper grav reps and you can still launch into MMHS. I forgot if it did more or less damage though.

Magnetic Blast BnB does 561 vs the 567 (small difference) and is more consistent ( for me at least). That’s starting from cr.LMHS.

Starting both combos from a tri-jump :l: , I still get more damage on a variation of Mag Blast (543 vs 527 on the second combo you posted) and I still get a hyper combo setup at the end.

BTW, the magnetic blast variation if you start from 4 hits (that’s tri-jump into standard magic series) is:

(4 hits) > :s: > j. :h: xx addf j. :h: (land) j.:h: xx :m: MagBlast (land) :s: > j.:h: xx adf j.:h: xx :l: MagBlast (land) j.:m::h: xx :l: MagBlast (land) st.:h::s: > j.:m::m::h::s:

Basically by eliminating the first mag blast, you save 1 hit from the deterioration and you can still get the last mag blast. which is essential. (@ Din0, this is your combo, basically, I only get like, 1k more damage for doing the j.H > j.H in the first rep, rather than the third)

my combos still do more damage. hold that. <3

From realistic hit confirms? Anyone can get good damage off of j.:s: > cr.H but it’s not something you hit often in a match.

You must not move around a lot, but seriously I do get around 595k off most of my hit confirms with actual hit confirms. I usually do trijump j:m: confirm so that scaling isn’t that bad later in the combo.

You can end with Tempest hyper if you have an OTG assist like Wesker.

Starting from j.S I did around 850K 1 bar, 1 assist with a variation of OP’s combo.

If you’re hitting j.S on grounded opponents, without an assist or some kind of mixup setup, your opponent is blocking pretty badly. The height at which you need to jump to make it come out makes it easy to react to.

I know that, but i don’t always do j.S =/

yeah, i discovered this shortly after my last post. it’s a net gain in damage. 577,000 starting with cLMH S.