5th 3rd Strike Co-operation Cup, FULL RESULTS and comments!

Team Royal Straight Flush loses?! Daigo and KSK missing??? Team Hayao victorious!

Well, I just got done with a REALLY long day and an even longer weekend. Yesterday/Today was Tokyo Game Show (went yesterday) and today was an all-day long tournament . . . needless to say, I haven’t slept much lately, but I know you guys are anxious to know what happened so I’ll try to post some info before I go to bed =)

First, about Team Royal Straight Flush,

Daigo was a NO SHOW for the tournament. At first I thought he just didn’t come for the pre-final bracket (which didn’t start until around 5:00pm, while the regular tournament started at 11:00am) but he just didn’t show up at all, forcing Team Royal Straight Flush to play with only four players. A Royal Straight Flush isn’t a Royal Straight Flush anymore without the Ace, now is it?

KSK was also a no show for the tournament, forcing his own team (Yokohama Vision) to play with only four players as well.

I have no idea why these two players did not show up for the tournament, so please do not ask me or anyone else about it because I’m sure they must have good reasons and we ought to respect their privacy. Now, on to the tournament . . .

The winner of the 5th 3rd Strike Co-operation Cup is . . .

HAYAO NO HOUSOKU!! (Hayao’s Law)
Hayao - Hugo
Kuroda - Q
Aruka - Ibuki
Pierre - Urien
J - Makoto

The final match was “Hayao’s Law” vs “Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~”!

The last match was an amazing thing to see, it went down to the VERY last round!!

J (Makoto) went up first and took out YSB, Jima, and Senaka all in a row!
Score: 3-0 Hayao team
J (Makoto) and RX (Urien) have a close match but RX pulls it off this time.
Score: 3-1 Hayao team
Kuroda (Q) goes 2nd to fight RX and defeats him in another interesting match.
Score: 4-1 Hayao team
Last is Nuki . . . Nuki defeats Kuroda, Hayao, and Aruka all 3 in a row to get to the final match!
Score: 4-4 Draw
Finally, Nuki and Pierre battle to determine the champion team. Nuki was playing solid but Pierre pulled off some sick Urien combos/unblockables as usual. It went to the final round, but Pierre grabs it with a small chunk of life left!
Score: 5-4 Hayao team

Winner: Hayao team.

Here are full results from the final 16 team bracket!

Top 16

Team "Tokido’s Army"
Dragon Joe (Chun-Li)
Issei (Yun)
Keeper (Ken)
MOV (Chun-Li)
Kigunasumisawa (Ken)

VS Team "Royal Straight Flush"
Boss (Yun)
Mester (Yun)
Nitto (Yun)
Raoh (Chun-Li)

RESULT - Tokido Army wins 5-3!

MOV played first defeating Raoh, Nitto, and Boss all in a row with some crazy Chun-Li tricks. He ALMOST OCV’d the team by beating Mester, but Mester made a Genei-Jin comeback and saved the team. Mester beat one more person on Tokido Army’s team before being eliminated by a solid Ken from Keeper.

Next up -

Team "Beer, Cigarettes, 3rd Strike, and Women"
Koushun (Chun-Li)
Jiro (Akuma)
Pierrot (Remy)
Yamazaki (Twelve)
Zangoef (Alex)

VS Team "Third Strike Ecstasy"
Take (Remy)
Uni (Necro)
Masaki (Chun-Li)
Yakkun (Yun)
Choko (Dudley)

Result - Team “Beer, Cigarettes, 3rd Strike, and Women” wins 5-3!

Team "Everyone just calls our matches combo videos"
Dirty (Oro)
Namijin (Ryu)
Tsujin (Akuma)
Roshihikari (Yang)
Eda (Dudley)

VS Team “Nameless HMV ~Jachihoko, Kouchin, Hitsumabushi”

Result - Team “Everyone just calls our matches combo videos” wins 5-1!

Team "Hoemori"
Derun (Yun)
Bikuto~ru (Chun-Li)
DED (Ken)
Silca (Elena)
Eriasu [Not 100% sure about this name] (Dudley)


Team "Hayao’s Law"
Hayao - Hugo
Kuroda - Q
Aruka - Ibuki
Pierre - Urien
J - Makoto

Result - Team “Hayao’s Law” wins 5-0 with a very impressive OCV by Aruka! None of the matches were even that close :karate:

Team "Majitan"
Georgia (Ken)
rKf (Ryu)
Kunimatsu (Dudley)
Mukuremy (Remy)
O-cha (Yun)

vs Team "Yokohama Vision"
Kokujin (Dudley)
K.O (Yun)
Nat-chan (Ken)
Ichigo (Dudley)

Result - Team “Yokohama Vision” barely wins, 5-4! K.O saves the day.

Team "Crippled Turtles"
Hirai (Ken)
Naga (Ken)
Yukiotoko (Akuma)
Umemon (Elena)
Hiro-chan (Oro)

vs Team "Cruel World"
Nisu (Ken)
Chanpon F (Akuma)
Kyashii 619 (Alex)
KZ (Urien)
Naitsu (Yun)

Result - Team “Crippled Turtles” wins 5-2!

"Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~"
Jima - Dudley
YSB - Hugo
Ohnuki - Chun-Li
Senaka - Urien
RX - Urien

vs Team "Average Pawns"
Koukou (Yun)
Shoki (Yun)
TK (Akuma)
Rakira (Chun-Li)
Cabbage (Ken)

Result - “Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~” wins 5-0 thanks to an OCV from YSB!

Team "Intelligent Heartbreakers"
Nanaichi (Ken)
C-13 (Makoto)
Hayama (Urien)
Magu (Ryu)
Miyagi (Dudley)

vs "Team BM (Jirou)"
TM (Q)
happy (Alex)
Sugiyama (Necro)
Masaru (Ken)
Raman (Yun)

Result - “Team BM (Jirou)” wins 5-2!

Final 8
Team “Tokido’s Army” vs Team “Beer, Cigarettes, 3rd Strike, and Women”

Result - Team “Tokido’s Army” wins 5-1!

Team “Everyone just calls our matches combo videos” vs Team “Hayao’s Law”

Result - Team “Hayao’s Law” wins 5-2! Hayao went on a 4 win streak and one of the other players finished the job.

Team “Yokohama Vision” vs Team “Crippled Turtles”

Result - Team “Yokohama Vision” wins BARELY, 5-4. KO saves the day again by getting a 4 win streak to seal the victory.

“Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~” vs “Team BM (Jirou)”

Result - “Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~” wins 5-2!

Top 4

Team “Tokido’s Army” vs Team “Hayao’s Law”

Result - Team “Hayao’s Law” wins 5-2! This time, J and Hayao were both defeated by Keeper’s Ken, and Kuroda went up 3rd. Kuroda took the pressure off everyone though as he slowly and patiently picked off EVERY OPPONENT one-by-one. Against Issei, Kuroda picked SAII (Deadly Double) and hit him with it by punishing an empty dive kick which basically gave him the win. The last two matches were against Dragon Joe’s and MOV’s Chun-Li’s and they took VERY long and VERY close. The way he beat the last two Chun-Li’s was really amazing, it would look like he was going to lose for sure but then he’d so some crazy trick and land a huge combo for the win. Kuroda does his job for the team this match with a solid 5-0 victory over Tokido’s Army.

Team “Yokohama Vision” vs “Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~”

Result - “Team BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~” wins 5-2!

Well, that’s it, as you can see it was a GREAT tournament with some very interesting results and a lot of upsets. There was a small booklet that everyone got for signing up for the tournament (like Evolution) that had a list of all the teams along with profiles and evaluations. Each team was given a total score (out of 30) of their overall power. The highest rated teams expected to win were:

  1. Royal Straight Flush - 29 points
  2. Tokido’s Army - 25 Points
  3. Hayao’s Law - 23 points
  4. BM Jirou Jimaysbnuki . . . senax - 23 points
  5. Team Yokohama Vision - 22 points
  6. Everyone just calls our matches combo videos - 19 points
  7. Average Pawns - 18 points

And, for those curious, my team was called “Ouendan, please help!” which is a reference to the Japanese Nintendo DS game Ouendan =)

There was a qualifier tournament held BEFORE the main tournament to determine two more teams that would be allowed to play in the main tournament. There were 11 teams that played in this qualifier, the winners were my team, “Ouendan!!! Please help!” and Team “World Cup” (a reference to Japan’s soccer team which recently made it to the World Cup).

Unfortunately, we lost in the main tournament to Team “Average Pawns” and Team “Meta-san Fan Club”. Went down to the last round between Cabbage’s Ken and my Chun against Team “Average Pawns”.

Finally, if anyone is willing to provide me some Web space, I took some pictures of the tournament/venue and of all of the completed brackets so if I have some place to upload them I’ll add them to the thread as well.

By the way, everyone please note a lot of the team names and player names are translated from the original Japanese to English. If you want to know the Japanese names, just go check out the Beat-Tribe home page! :wow:

Hope you all enjoyed the news, but it’s time for me to go to bed! Goodnight :party:

omg crazy tournament. thx for posting again man.
i wonder if KSK would had made a difference in the results (i know Daigo would). So, when are they releasing footage of this? i cant wait.

Ooooh Myyy Goood

How does team Average pawns lose in the top 16 and then lose again in the top 8, while team Crippled turtles wins in the top 16 and is nowhere to be found in the top 8?

I guess you mixed them up, but I’m waiting for an answer :wink:


There is going to be a buyable DVD for this, right? I’m just saying, I will pay an exorbitant price to see this.

Sorry to hear you guys didn’t win, but congrats on making it into the main tourney! Who else was on your team?

Also, any idea if the TK in team “Average Pawns” playing Akuma is the TK who also rocks out with Q? If he is, has he switched to Akuma or something?

I just realized…

Kuroda did fucking OCV the team that took out the Royal Flush team…

most amazing results ever

Team 24…called it in the last thread :clap: Too many beasts on this team, especially with Daigo and KSK not showing.

Yun sucks nowdays

Any vids :sad:

Great …
My bet wins again!
Kuroda is the beast !

no vids until the DVD comes out (which could mean it’s MONTHS away, seeing how it took 9 months for the coop 4 dvd to come out)


hey fubarduck, did you watched any Yamazaki’s or Zangoef’s matches?

Hayao - Hugo
Kuroda - Q
Aruka - Ibuki
Pierre - Urien
J - Makoto

^ The best 3rd Strike team ever assembled. What a cool mix of characters too. Hugo, Q, Ibuki… most importantly, no Chun, Yawn I mean Yun, or Ken to be found.

Is this going to be on DVD?


congrats on making the tourney, fubarduck!

wow, even though Hayao’s Law has some incredible players, i honestly didn’t think they’d win it all what with Royal Straight Flush having a sick line up. but with Umehara not playing, that was probably a huge let down for the team knowing their anchor wasn’t gonna be there.

i was hoping to hear about Jima and Kokujin beasting, but guess that didn’t happen :shake:.

can’t wait for the footage to come out!


Sucks for team Royal Straight Flush losing the tournament with a missing teammate.

Oh wells, thanks for results and info on the tournament.

Yamazaki was having a rough day and had some close matches but didn’t pull many wins from what I remember. Twelve can work so hard and then just get hit by one super and lose.

I had never seen Zangoef play before, but he is AMAZING. His Alex was constantly taking out 3 or 4 people at a time, and they were usually Yun/Ken/Chun-Li’s. Definitely the highest level Alex play I have seen while I was here.

Yes. However, it will probably be a while. As someone else said, the 4th Co-op Cup DVD is coming out at the end of this month and it happened in January.

My team was:
Kazuto - Yun
Go - Elena
Morita - Dudley
Nisshi - Chun-Li
fubarduck - Chun-Li

I believe 3 out of the 4 Japanese people on my team had never played in a tournament, but they were all really good. There are a ton of people in Japan that play 3S or some other fighting game, and all they care about is beasting at their local game center after school or work and don’t know anything about tournaments. Everyone thought the Co-op sounded really fun though, so we all went and repped for the Machida locals :karate:

Sorry, just got it mixed up. I wrote this post at 1:00am after being up all day with almost no sleep for 4 or 5 days in a row, so I’m actually surprised that was the only error . . . also I was more worried about the proper translation of the Japanese :confused:

Anyway, like I said, the 4th Co-op cup DVD will be released at the end of this month, so everyone be sure and grab it from your favorite import Web site. Matsuda (owner of Game Newton) announced at the tournament that this DVD will have a special poster packaged inside as well, so anyone that likes collecting cool stuff like this should definitely check it out.

That having been said, there will be NO vids of the 5th Co-op Cup until the DVD is released. I’m pretty sure video recording was prohibited, and no one brought a camcorder or anything like that anyway–so don’t bother asking, nobody has any recordings except for Beat-Tribe who video captured direct feed of the arcade matches.

Hope that took care of everyone’s questions!

Co-op 3… co-op 3… co-op 3…

  • :sad: - :sad: - :sad: - :sad: - :sad: - :sad: - :sad: -

I cant wait for the dvd, what a winning team! :clap:

Yes but come on, they still had 3 very good Yun’s AND arguably the best Chun-li player in the world (and since Chun-li is top tier perhaps best overall player) Nuki.

Well, even if it’s a long wait, keep us posted on DVD release. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of seeing Hugo/Q/Ibuki in the hands of low-tier gods beast the shit out of everyone. Not to mention a Twelve player OCV’ing Nuki’s Chun (WTF) and a top ranked Dudley player. I have got to see that shit.

First of all, no, the Chun-Li player on Team “Royal Straight Flush” was Raoh, not Nuki (Raoh and Nitto are good friends which is why they were also on an SBO team together this year). Nuki was on a team with Jima, YSB, Senaka, and RX.

Second of all, the Twelve player (Yamazaki) OCV’ing Nuki/KO/Kokujin happened at Game Newton (not Beat Tribe) the week before the Co-operation cup in a tournament to help determine seeds for the actual Co-op cup. This match was not recorded or video-captured whatsoever, it was just something you had to be there for.