5th Kaillera Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (08/28/2005)

5th Kaillera Mark Of The Wolves Tournament (08/282/005)
Another solid turnout with some new faces…

1st - Lux
2nd - Lando
3rd - Nevermore
4th - Miclus
5th - Athanasy
5th - Ace_Uno
7th - TigerGenocide
7th - Someguy
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Kaka Kara
9th - SupNot
9th - Rushdown
13th - Fatherbrain
13th - RXS
13th - RogueYoshi
13th - Sentinel
17th - M00b

GG’s to everyone. We were missing a lot of the regular but had new people. I’d love to see everyone come together to fill out a 32 man bracket.


As a director, I was not happy with how this tournament went for a few reasons:

  • I made it clear to everyone two weeks ago that you were to get IRC and meet in the channel to co-ordinate matches. This is the LAST TIME I let people (Someguy has done this on three occasions now) into the tournament that didn’t take the 2 minutes to get the program and save us a lot of trouble.

  • If you don’t have the ROM, find the ROM prior to the tournament. Please do no show up, register and then say “I don’t have it, where can I find it.” You had two weeks to find it. This situation held the tournament back at least 1/2 hour if not longer.

  • Lastly, if you are advertising the tournament on Kaillera, please tell people to sign up on SRK. It makes life a lot easier because more people see the thread, know the rules and what is necessary and saves me a lot of hassle answering questions that we really don’t need to go over for the millionth time.

Again, GG’s to everyone. I was happy with the turnout and hope everyone comes back for more. I just hope it flows better this time around.

Nagata i’m going to beat you with a stick

ggs to everyone i played

its actually RushedDown but mirc wouldnt let me have it
and sorry about the rom dl i usually dont check the tourney section i saw something that said garou tourney in 20 min so i cam runnin for it ill make sure i look next time

Ahh nice and drunk now… GGs tonight everyone… I must reitterate - props to Nagata, I think we broke the record for time consumed on this one on account of the slackers… regardless, this man is patient as fuck… as patient as these so called run away hotarus I keep hearing about. =/ But anyway, GGs to lux… grand finals getting closer and closer… ffs anyone gonna help me take this bastard down or what? =P

Regardless of what I just typed, I had fun let’s do it again. =) Ballsack Babaganoosh!!!


lol cvs2 makes you patient

5th - Athanasy

woo go ath :clap: