5th Third Strike Co-operation Cup ~ 9/18/05

The 5th 3rd Strike Co-operation Cup happens this Sunday, 9/18 at Machida’s “Beat Tribe” arcade.

Since no one has mentioned it here yet, I thought I would post and share some info with you guys.

There was a 3 on 3 tournament held on Sunday at Game Newton to determine seeds, won by Keeper (Ken), MOV (Chun) and the 3rd person I forgot. Notable things at this tournament included Yamazaki’s Twelve OCV’ing and eliminating Kokujin (Dudley), KO (Yun) and Ohnuki’s (Chun-Li) team.

This co-operation cup’s entry is Internet entry only. The entry cut off is tomorrow, Wednesday 9/14/05. Cost is $25 per team.

A list of already signed up teams can be found here in Japanese:

Some “notable” teams already signed up include:

Team "Royal Straight Flush"
Boss (Yun)
Mester (Yun)
Nitto (Yun)
Raoh (Chun-Li)
Umehara (Ken)

Team "Yokohama Vision"
KSK (Alex)
Kokujin (Dudley)
K.O (Yun)
Nat-Chan (Ken)
Ichigo (Dudley)

Team "BM (Jirou) ~Jimaysbnuki. . . senax~"
Jima (Dudley)
Y.S.B (Hugo)
Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
Senaka (Urien)
RX (Urien)

Team “Hayao no Housoku” (Hayao’s Law)
Hayao (Hugo)
Kuroda (Q)
Aruka (Ibuki)
Pierre (Urien)
J (Makoto)

Anyway, it looks to be a really interesting tournament with already 30 teams signed up (150 people)! It’s going to be crazy with that many people in Beat Tribe, it’s an arcade located in the basement of a small building.

As for my team, I will be signing up tonight with team of Top Machida players :karate: Probably nobody you guys have heard of though since they don’t play in tournaments much. Co-op cup is more of a “having fun” tournament though so it draws a much larger crowd.

I’ll be sure and update this thread with results and upsets on Sunday 9/18 after the tournament!

sounds fucking sick, would love to see vids from that 3 on 3 tourney too



beast. why has Boss stopped using Yang?

nice! that’s an all-star line up right there!

good luck with your team too man.


Good shit, can’t wait for the outcome.

holy shit. those teams are top tier.

wow, this is going to be dope tourney. boss not using yang makes me very sad :sad:

OMFG, i knew that guy was sick, beasting with twelve!? wtf :clap:

those are dope teams, anyway, thx dude for posting this and good luck on sunday.

Damm i hope they’re gonna win this!

the Royal Straight Flush team should be banned

Boss Raoh and Umehara already teamed up last year, and the last two didn’t even need to play during the whole tournament… I hope it won’t go that way this year too.

And no Yang for Boss - big thumbs down, as if they weren’t already full of top tiers.

I agree with Hol Horse

Thats fucked up. There should be a rule stating you can’t pick the same characters on the same team.

Good luck fubarduck! Did anyone get footage from the Game Newton tournament?

Royal Straight Flush indeed, geez. All of those are REALLY good teams, though.

Unfortunately, there was no footage captured at the 3 on 3 Co-op seeding tournament, was something you just had to be there for! Game Newton doesn’t usually record any footage from their tournament, only Gamer’s Vision. Also, nobody from Japan ever brings a camcorder to tournaments, that’s more of an American tradition I think.

Thanks for the GL, I just found out our team might not even get to play though because entry is capped at 30 teams (had no idea until tonight)! Our team will be put on reserve and we only get to play if one of the original 30 teams doesn’t show up. Fortunately, we all live in the same area as Beat Tribe, so if we don’t get to play at least we didn’t go out of our way =P

Should be a cool tournament to watch one way or the other.

I love the team name. :lol:

I assume Daigo is the ACE? :slight_smile:

A God Tier Team Would Be

Very , very interesting

this tourney is gonna be really dope, can’t wait for results. hayaos team is sick, well every team that u listed is sick.

Sorry to hear it man, I hope you get in.

If you don’t, I’m officially 100% for Hayao’s team. World’s best Q, world’s best Ibuki, world’s best Makoto, top 2 or 3 Hugo, and top 2 or 3 Urien? Man, that’s hot. Go not-top-tier!

just a thought, but do KO and Daigo not like being on the same team? or is it just that they enjoy playing against each other? seems like a guaranteed winning team would consist of KO, Daigo, and Ohnuki, but they’re all on different teams which will make it more exciting. but yea, do any of you know why they never team up?

Oh next year lets hope for…

Team Thunder Thighs:

x5 Chun Li