5V install for sanwa flash?


If I have a ps2 hrap2, does anyone know how to go about installing a sanwa flash since I believe it doesn’t have a 5V on the hrap2. If I put a ps360+ it already has a place on the pcb to solder the 5V harness for the sanwa flash, correct? Sorry if this has been asked before, did a quick search and couldn’t find it.


You will need to find where the USB plug is connected to the PCB. Solder the V5 wire to that and connect the flash. Alternatively you can cut the USB cable and splice the red wire to your flash and re connect the USB wires.



Thats only with the ps360+/usb? What about if i wanted to keep the ps2 pcb that thhe hrap2 has?


Though not applicable to the OP’s situation, I believe that is a mislabeled picture.

While you should always test with a multimeter for the USB connections, Green wire is usually D+, and White wire is usually D-.

That being said, going back on-topic: I don’t think you can connect a Sanwa Flash to a PS2 board due to it being 3.3V instead of 5V.
I believe that’s part of the reason Toodles made his SparkCE support both 5V and 3.3V for the broadest coverage of consoles (his original Spark was only 5V as well, just like the Flash).


. Any pic help if i went with a ps360+? Probably the only way to go


Yeah I was just using the picture to show him the red 5v and wires. and i believe you are right on the ps2 3.3v - you don’t need a pic for the ps360+ its all labeled. just screw everything down and plug in your usb\rj45 connector. if you are not going to use a pass through connector you will most likely need to splice a usb B cable to the usb cable inside your stick to interface in to the ps360+

sounds confusing but once you see the pcb you will see what i mean.


There’s a labelled solder point for V at the “Alternative USB solder points” on the lower-right of the board (if you’re looking at it with the screw connectors on top and the USB/RJ-45 on the right).


Alright thanks guys! I’ll order a ps360+ :slight_smile: