6/10/2006 Nova Monthly 3S, GGXX/, SF2AE, MvC2, CvS2, T5, SSBM

6/10/2006 Northern VA Monthly

I know it’s a little bit early, but I wanted to lock up the date for the next C3 Monthly! We’re expanding the roster a little bit to add all EVO games to the roster. This means Tekken 5.0 and SF2AE are now official tournaments.

Unfortunately, I think Alpha 3 gets released on the 12th, so we’ll have to add that to our REGIONAL tourney on July 1st and 2nd.

Tourney Location:
C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

(HINT TO FINDING THE PLACE: It’s in a shopping center off Rt 7 with a Chik-Fil A, Shoppers, and EB games in it. It’s behind wendy’s.

Time: Most games will start at 4pm. (i know some people want it earlier, but I have no say in this. I will try to get things running quicker this time, and not let in singles players at 6pm).


HSF2: AE (5$)
GGXX SLASH!! (10$)
MvC2: DC (5$)
3S: PS2 (10$)
SSBM: Game Cube (Singles+Pairs) (10$)
CvS2: PS2 (5$)
Tekken 5.0 (5$)

Some systems and games are needed: I only have 2 GC’s with SSBM, Just give me a shout if you can bring a GC + game.

SSBM is bring your own controller. Most people did last time, so it’s just a reminder.

TV’s that are availible…
two 50 inch big screen TV’s
four 27 inch Flatscreen TV’s
four 20 inch flatscreens TV’s
Plenty of Monitors for MvC2.

All games will be round robin pools to qualify/be seeded into the main double elim bracket. The pools will be smaller in this next tourney. I’m aiming for pools of 4 or 5 where 2 will advance.

SSBM will be use the round robin pool system as well. Unless you guys were a fan of the swiss system… which only I seem to understand.

Exact #'s of final qualifying bracket and the size of the pools will be determined by # of entrants.

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$ for GG, 3S, SSBM, 5$ for everything else.

Venue Fee: 5$

All matches will be 2of3, save Grand Finals, which will be 3 of 5. Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125

Now I have to start playing AE.

Btw, good shit, Robin.

So those are all the Evo games huh? Need to practice up on my GG and AE as well then. Look forward to hitting this tournament up as well.

If thats one thing I like about you Robin, you sure do set stuff up super early. Now my job can have no excuses for me asking for a day off more then a month ahead =D.

Yeah, and you actually show up at your tournaments. :tup:

AE?! I’ll be there.

Ninja edit, price drop on MvC2, CvS2, Tekken 5.0, SF2AE.

Also, I can get a copy of Alpha 3 collection in time for this tourney… casuals anyone? Or if 8 people want to do an A3 Tourney, I will run it.

OK…I’m making a note to myself to participate in the Slash tournament this time. I’m looking to get better in the game and I keep letting the guys (and myself) down by not participating. I’m looking to meet up with Dan for some casuals if I don’t end up going to ECCXI (unless Dan is going to be there).

I’m not going to ECCX but I’ll be out of town all weekend on vacation. Should have free time the week after this one.

VA C3 Cyberclub’s sponsoring 3S/t5 players to Evo

Just got SF Zero Generations. The game is pretty damn awesome. We will have a guarunteed casual setup all day if people want to try it out.

Nice. I’m gonna get my copy in the next couple days hopefully. Alpha 3 is good stuff. Pretty broken good stuff.

is it arcade perfect or is the playstation versions or dc or saturn… or is there an option select to choose the version u want to play ala sf3 for ps2 "new and old " guard system??

God i hope it’s arcade perfect perfect and they are not just saying that bs for marketing.

It’s supposed to be arcade perfect but then again…PS2 3S is not 100 percent arcade perfect (it’s pretty close but not 100 percent). I’m sure someone will find a few things here and there whether it be with the hitboxes or game speed or sprites or whatever small little difference that will eventually be found. They are supposed to be direct arcade ports though so whatever difference there might be shouldn’t be much more than what was changed in the PS2 port of 3S. So basically…it should be pretty close, but ya never know.

Dude… it’s arcade perfect. The select screens (you have to choose balrog, juli, and juli via random select), Dhalsim being non nerfed, Vism invincibility.

besides, with the arrange modes, you can customize all of the dipswitches in these games. Seriously, this collection is ridiculously good. more than any of us EVER would ask for.

Bottom Line: if you’ve EVER played any of the Street Fighter Alphas, buy a copy of this game. It’s that good.

What’s up people.

Ya’ll don’t know me.

I used to be good at SF, then I went to college, came back to NY 4 years later, and now I’m getting owned up at CF by people I used to beast on.

I can’t let this happen.

In hopes of getting my swagger back, I’ll be heading up for this tournament. I should get owned up pretty bad, but it’s the first step on the road to recovery.

Plus maybe someone can teach me A3!

Can I bring my own stick?

Yep you can use your own stick!!! Yep looks like im heading to this tourny

You are a fucking scrub.

Oh and I can’t wait for you to own me in CVS2. Slowly trying to get back into it. :tup:

I might be there, but I’m not entering.

So far I’ve got confirmed for Guilty Gear Slash:


  1. Fireballtrap (john)
  2. Iceman (donnie)
  3. VA_King
  4. maybe one bonus person

5. Renegade (duh)
6. Moosehummel

7. Formation Z
8. Beatface
9. Knight
10. Guy whose name I forgot.

From Nova I’m sure we can count on

  1. Masaka

  2. dave wright

  3. 10x

  4. Shazay

  5. Mr Mamation

  6. Hamster John.

  7. Marn

  8. Vigorous

I have yet to hear definites on GB, Gunflame, ABA Adam, Nate, or Aric. Where you guys at?

So it looks to be a really good turnout for GG/. I’m sure alot of these players will play other games too. I’ll come out with lists for those games.