6/10/ C3 Monthly Results

Before I actually get to posting the results, and have everyone’s attention…

Two PS2’s are missing.

Two slim line PS2’s (without the cords, b/c I found those) were not at C3 when we left on Saturday night. One had masking tape on it that said “KEV” (it was connected to the small ‘tekken’ tv which was switched to CvS2 and the other was connected to the 2nd big screen with 3rd strike. I have some descriptions of the people last seen playing games on those systems. I will also check the video footage from the surveillence cameras to identify who took the systems.

If by some chance, you made a mistake, and took a PS2 (without any cords or anything), please return it to either me, or C3. If they are returned, no charges will be filed, and I won’t report the unique serial numbers for those PS2’s as stolen.

Oh. And by the way. Those PS2’s aren’t C3’s. Those are my responsibilty. I borrowed those PS2’s to help the tourney run faster and smoother. So I have to now buy two PS2’s for my own brother and my friend who were good enough to lend me theirs.

That’s 110$ per PS2. I am currently unemployed and studying to get my teaching liscence, so I don’t really have that kind of money.

I’m really hoping that these systems can be found, and that they were not stolen. BUt it doesn’t seem likely.

Words cannot really describe how angry I am. I try to do things for the community, and shit like this happens. I had a Gamecube and several games stolen at VA mid atlantic championships, and now this.

If anyone, ANYONE, has any further information about the whereabouts of the PS2’s, or who might have took them. Let me know… you do not have to be identified.

Unless the PS2’s are found/returned, measures will have to be taken to compensate for their loss, which could affect venue fees and/or the Ticket to EVO event.

I will post later with actual results.

Things like this make me wonder why I even bother.

Oh shit I’m really sorry about that Robin. I wasnt there, but ask around, somebody should know something.

Last C3 tourney someone actually unplugged my stick from Dan’s laptop and stole his rare, extremely hard to find first gen Radioshack USB converter. WTF is wrong with people D:

Man…that sucks. I remember you talking about not finding a PS2 last night but I figured one of your guys had just moved it to another station without you knowing. The possibility of that and another PS2 actually being stolen really ups the gay factor though. Sorry bout that man. Definitely hope you catch those crooks. :tup:

I know this may not be the best time to bring this up, but otherwise I still think this was the best C3 yet and probably the best local tournament I’ve been to so far. Lots of good comp for both 3S and Guilty Gear and the 3S tournament overall was the most fun I’ve ever had in a tournament. GG’s to all my peepz that were there and look forward to actually placing top 8 in 3S at the next tournament. I always for some reason just barely squeeze out of making top 8.

**Dunno if it helps **, but I remember that slim PS2 being by the 3S on the big screen tv. We left around 11:00 ish and it was still there at the time. So it had to be sometime after that it was stolen.

before i left at 2, an employee of C3 asked me if we were done with 3S, and if he can unhook the systems – both 3S systems (small and bigscreen next to the CVS2 small screen). i’m not sure if these are the ones you’re referring to, and i truly hope it is, but if it isnt, then i’ve no clue.

Show ME the RESULTS…:confused:

damn man that sucks. I really hope they turn up.

Unfortunatly Me and Deviljin left early, i remember seeing the ps2s before i left but that is because everyone for the most part was still playing on them. But its real fucked up that someone left the cords man. that really seems suspect to me. I like having venues to go to in the MD/VA area, this type of shit ruins it for everyone.

thats grimey, sorry about that shit Robin.

If you find out who took them, I’ll help you RTSD.

i know marvel results were
(8 people)

  1. Victor
  2. Jody
  3. Rugal
  4. Slogan
  5. MEC
  6. Renegade
  7. PVP
  8. JB

but yea it is mad wack if some1 stole that shit, and if some1 did take em its a very bitch move… robin doesnt hold these things for himself, he holds them for ALL of us, and to steal from him is plain retarded…

on a happy note, it was good shit chillen last night, good to see MD there as always…

shoutout to the ihop crew, good times indeed… also to sparatik ( i believe its spelled ) for raping me and everyone else in A3

and a big thanks to moose and marnito x (lol) for paying for my day :smiley: (aces ftw)



2)Eric K- Ramza

1+2) Jm+ wojito

Poker tournament 10$ buy in

Wow, that really blows that 2 systems were stolen. If they don’t come forward I hope you do ID them publicly for the sake of a good lesson. Stealing is wrong.

I had a ton of fun too, it’s sad to see a good event like this get marred.

well with results posted its shout out time.

10x- Had an awesome time man, thanks for letting us chill at your place and driving me around everywhere. If you need a place to stay in MD sometime hit me up im sure i can fit you in my house somewhere lol.

Deviljin- your a punk as usual. forward roundhouse is for scrubs. hahahaha

Eric Kim/Ramza- I got totally wrecked and I can say im not to surprised. I’m going to have to try harder next time. your mad chill though. good times.

Exodus/Khang- Another person who also owned me, cool pickin dudley/ryu in the prelim pool. your too good with everyone. I’m going to need even more experience if im going to beat you.

Nasser- Nice to see you at tournaments man you give good advice. hope to see you at x30 even though you said somethin about work.

Steve- I need more work on my chun Li match ups. With that said you completly shut down my offense with Oro. Good games. nice SA2 full parry on khang in casuals.

Jose/Rockman- Nice meeting you man, your urien is good ,to bad we didnt get to play. I’ll be sure not to use wakeups to much. Or maybe I will because you’d be expecting that. muahahahaha.

Jinmaster- Nice to see you playing 3rd strike man you got some nice up and comming ken skills, I’ll see you at X30, hope your playin 3rd.

YoungHav- Nice chillin with you man, good times on AE.

Mark G- do you really think you can tame Jose’s ownage stick. lol.

umthrfcker/godly- nice to see somone else who plays Oro man. You got a nice Alex too. you get some mad props for using him. I need to play some poker some time so you can take my money lol.

Snookums- I got mad respect for you man, you were definitely reppin Alex. Your way scarier than when I last saw you play. Our last match in the tournament was to to crazy. I’m sure you’ll get some nice revenge lol. you also get some mad props for using Alex. you, I, BB, and DevilJin should play some casuals sometime man. even though Deviljin is a scrubby punk. hahahaha.

Xenozip- good ibuki man, I have to play Deviljin alot so I thought id have a chance. But you got me. I’ll be looking for a chance to play again in future tournaments. good stuff.

BB- your always cool. watch us not fight each other in the next tournament hahaha.

Jessy(sp?)- nice chillin with you man, you got some serious Slash skills. keep up the good work with Jam.

Ultradavid and Shinshay- to bad you guys werent there. especially you ultradavid because you know the next time we play your gonna get wrecked right. hahahahaha

Anyone else i missed- it was a really fun time.

Thanks to Renegade and crew for hosting.

poker and games

and a big thanks to moose and marnito x (lol) for paying for my day :smiley: (aces ftw)

Yea Picking up Ace king 5 handed to aces was rough. But i still ended up 24 dollars ahead thanks to marnito of course and pat paying that huge pot off to see the horror that he had called when he was already drawing dead to a slow played set turned into a full house on the river. Got my money back earlier from the day b4 when he picked up pocket kings 3 times :slight_smile: and didn’t get called once. Im excited about how well i did in guilty gear and excited that even though i don’t play cvs2 anymore i came dangerously close to beating rugal, in fact, if i didn’t miss a simple low forward super after a guard break it could have been a different ending…oh well. Fun tourney, people need to realize that stealing from the tournament director is extremely low and stealing period is personal and will impact events and activities that take place in the future. People who qualify for evo will be upset if there is no longer funds to support that if we always have to replace equipment that we offer up to help run a tournament. Karma is a bitch and I hope that who anyone who ever steals from us gets a powered-up juggernaut punch into headcrush and he eats their fukin costume…

fun tourney to run w/ u rob and everyone else who came thanks for the turnout


Wow, I don’t get to attend this tourney due to work and was really pissed about it, now I have to come on here and read that somebody had the balls to steal two slim streamline PS2s. I truly don’t understand WTF the problem is, when I didn’t have something in the past and I wanted it, I worked hard for my shit so I could buy it.

I truly hope that Robin finds out who this bastard is so he can get that shit back. If not then I think that changes will need to be made when tournaments are run so that this will never happen again. Good shit to the placers of all the tournaments and I hope that I am able to attend the next one.

Thanks to everyone who came out.

I had a great time playing 3S. I still think im pretty good, I just didnt know what to expect when I entered the tournament at c3. I hope to have a better showing at x3o.


Yeah…I’ma do my shoutouts too.

Young Hav: cool meeting you at the tournament. LOL at you sleeping on the floor at Aaron’s house. I didn’t like the smell of his carpet so I reserved a spot on the couch during Slash casuals. You’re a mad chill guy (just like you were on the forums). Remember…3rd Strike is bad for your health and money matches take your hard earned dollars. See you at the next local tournament.

Xenozip: Cool to see you come down. Heard about your Ibuki and it’s cool to play you in person rocking the PS Saturn pad and all that good junk. You have more of a reserved playing style compared to my Ibuki but you almost had me in that first match in the casuals. I dunno what it is but I just can’t fight Ibuki vs. Ibuki. That match is just so weird. I guess it’s cuz I never have to deal with it. Keep reppin that bish and I’ll see ya again soon.

Jose: Cool games we had man. Casuals were fun and tournament matches were even better. I don’t know how my EX kicks negated your Aegis in that one match but that shit was ridic. I tried to mix shit up in the corner so I wouldn’t get parried and owned like I did in the last tournament where I was too redundant with my corner pressure. Worked out in my favor luckily but it was still a hard earned win for me. Don’t hurt anyone with those Xbox prototypes you have for sticks.

Aaron: Damn…you’re cooler than I already thought you were. Letting us chill at your place n shit. You live like in the middle of nowhere but sometimes it’s good to live outside of all the craziness of the city life. Your friend is a pure alcoholic and mad chill as well. Next time we come to chill at your place we’ll remember to bring the games for sure. :lol: I’m thinking about going to Battle at the Capital and we’ll have to see if we can set up a team for the 3S 3 on 3 tournament. That sounds too fucking fun.

PVP/Pat/umthrfkr/pokerguy/retiredfromfightinggames/yeah…: Cool meeting up with you again. That Scarface stick is mad nice. Keep repping that Alex and next time I’ll bring some more Asian Experience for ya.

Eric Kim: Too bad we didn’t get to play any casuals or tourney play or nothing. Was looking forward to getting more practice against that Makoto. If I didn’t choke up against Victor’s Chun I might have had a chance. Good luck at the next tourney.

Jessie/Mulligan: mad nice placing as well as you did in your first tournament. Your Jam is way too solid to not be in tournament play. Cool ass shit you pulled on me in casuals/tourney. We’ll definitely have to get more Slash games in.

Snookums: Alex is getting up there man. He is too scary on wake up. I make a mistake and Ibuki eats tons of damage. Cool how you got your girl to come down and support you and all that good stuff. Plus you got yourself a T5 stick which is extra nice. See ya at X30 and hope to get some casuals in with you sometime.

**GG Slash crew: **Cool chilling with you guys. Slash is fun as fuck. 3S will always be my number 1 game but Slash is too cool to not play. Thanks for beasting on my Chipp as always but I look forward to improving. The match I had vs. Moose (I think it was him) was too fun. He was like “are you really gonna pick Chipp” after he went and picked Potemkin and I was like…“um…yeah”. Actually ended up getting a match on him and not getting wasted by the one character that usually ends my Chipp in 3 moves. :tup:

Oh and Jinmaster you are awesome at 3S. You even got a match in on me. You’re probably the reason I didn’t make top 8. See ya at X30.

I know there’s people I’m missing but those are gonna be my main shout outs for today. Hit you guys up at X30 on Sunday.

That totally sucks about those ps2s Robin :\

From Dustloop (for the Guilty Gear people):

I had lots of fun. Steve Harrison owns me though.

WTF, jesse places 4th in Slash at his first tournament and almost never plays good comp. Kid is beast.

If I ever find the kids that took the PS2s, I will personally shoryuken them in the rectum.

PS: Does anybody know Nasser’s SRK name?

10x: Good to play you in casuals again. Wish we got to play more rounds after the tourney, but I guess there’s always next time. Hope to get to play again soon.

Snookums: Good shit man, your Alex is buff. It was really good to play against some one who uses Alex other than umthrfkr/PvP for a change. It really caught me off guard and was a lot of fun.

Khang: Taking peoples quaters on the pad. Hahaha, too good. It was a lot of fun playing against your Dudley, but I’d really like to get a chance to play against your Ken and Yun some time.

Steve: Didn’t get a chance to play against you and I hope to in the future. That rant of yours was comedy gold. I hope that shit gets capped and posted soon so I can see the whole thing. Good shit taking second in a game you don’t even play, LOL.

MOD: Good to meet and play against you, man. I guess all that time you put in playing DJ really threw you off, it seems he and I have totally different playstyles. Hope to get you play your Oro more, that was damn fun.

DevilJin: Good to finally meet and play against you. I know what you mean about Ibuki vs Ibuki. That really threw me off. Good shit in the tourney, when it was down to the wire and you nailed me with a kunai – now I know how it feels when I do that shit to other people, lol. I really hope to play again soon, I feel we have a lot to learn from each other since we have two completely different play styles. Keep it up and RTSD.

  • On a side note:

That was casuals? I thought it was tourney.

I could be wrong. then again exodus played steve after me so more than likely it could be a tourney. Exodus acts so casual he makes it seem like one i guess. lol. real good props to Steve if it was tourney though.

this was probably the most fun out of all c3s i’ve been to (this being my 3rd). a LOT of old faces but also many new faces, a combination that surprised me. although the turnout wasn’t as high as i’d want it to be for 3S, i’m glad that there has been more attraction to c3, as it already has proven itself to be capable of being a staple event in our reviving community.

skisonic - i won it for you lover. too bad you couldn’t make it, hopefully we’ll be able to get some games in this summer.

eric lee - good luck with EMS fool. hopefully you get it so you can make tourney appearances more often. nothing wrong with eric kim, but playing you in finals has always been a tradition for us. come back!

sparatik - what a surprise to find a hermit out of his hole! it was great seeing you again…i guess life goes on after SF. hopefully you find it in your heart to still show up every now and then. too bad you couldn’t stay long…i would’ve loved to rekindle our hugo/akuma relationship, ahahhah :smiley:

nokato - another surprise! i didn’t know you returned from school, but it was awesome that you did. don’t get too upset over any games…things evolve when you’re not around anymore. but make an effort to play with us over the summer. 3S is hype!


GT crew masaka/ookamooka - nice to see familiar faces again. makes me miss the ole GT days…jerry’s subs! play 3S you old bastards! :stuck_out_tongue:

bmorechun - pick up 3S my stylish brotha

carlos/rugal - play 3S with bmore! cvs2 is godly boring!

jody the fucking don - i dont even know what to say to you. see you at the tables sometimes

steve terry bogard harrison!!! the man of the evening no doubt. no 1st places, but 2nd in cvs2, 2nd in ggxxs, and 3rd in 3s. very impressive for a man that got into a car accident, AND DONT PLAY GAMES. i know you have tons of potential with that chun. don’t get frustrated, and play your best. im always here to help man. your monologue was the highlight of my evening. ahahahhahahahahha

pvp - demoted sir. TWICE. you’ve shamed me.

eric kim - you know that makoto is as gay as my yun. don’t hate :slight_smile: good shit though; nothing wrong with 2nd. keep playing…the difference between you and me is that i have a lot more experience under my belt…analyze your game more and take out what’s holding you back.

aaron - tough breaks man. a lot of close matches there…but don’t worry about it. with each defeat comes more enlightenment…keep studying that ken. i know you got it in you…come up and play with grant/phil/me again.

rockman - licking icecream cone. nothing more i can say.

ross - once again, im extremely sorry for that fuckup. as the person running the tournament, i should’ve paid more attention and at least double check my work. hope you can forgive me. as far as your game is concerned, your ibuki is pretty solid. patient and smart; you should play much more…get the VA head together! and make it out to more tournies! saturn/ps2 pad owns eric kim/rockman/pvp for sure!

paul - good oro man…i couldn’t stick onto dudley cuz im stubborn and oro counters dudley pretty badly ahahaha – you’ve got a good ground game and your tengus arent bad. solidy with more parries and chicken combos and you’re good to go. hope to see you more often at these tournaments…and of course, thanks for letting me bum your stick for a lot of my matches. very kind of you!

deviljin/bryan - you guys have something no one else has. someone to play with anytime you want to. use this to your advantage, and research as much as you can. expand your horizons with other chars…study match vids, etc. play each other and develop your skills exponentially.

marc g - FOR SHAME!

snookums - you’ve got a pretty nice alex. good to have met you. your girlfriend being there really made me miss my girl (she’s down south for the summer)…goddamn you both! anyway, alex. keep playing, keep getting better. we’ll get more games in next time! good shit on that steal of a T5 stick.

victor: who the fuck do you play 3S with? you’ve been very consistent with your placings…good shit man. although your chun is pretty rough around the edges, im sure if you put some effort into learning the game you’ll be a force to be wreckoned with…ever seen justin play? forget mvc2!!! ;p

nasser - don’t forget to call me so i can get your number. about what we talked about in the car, i’ll think about it. i guess i can always be the bigger man…but it’s hard sometimes when people are like that. but i know where you’re coming from. but about 3S this summer, you know im definitely up for it. just tell me whats up. your ken is still very solid btw!

marn - make sure you 3S with us while you’re still down here. tell tuan to get his butt out. he hasn’t called me yet. good shit in GGXXS…practice that chun! i know team texas has taught you how to hit confirm better than that =/

if i missed anyone, my bad. this took me an hour to write as it is…robin, billy, i want you guys to play next time. broke bastards. maybe the next c3, i wont be living at home, and thus, can stay for poker. WHATS GOOD. GGs!

edit: ross/paul - my chun mirrors with steve were casuals…thought i’d get some games in before he had to play against nasser. but his full parry definitely caught me by surprise…i knew he was looking for it, but didn’t think that i picked the wrong time to hit the kick button. looks like i pulled a justin wong :frowning: