6/10 MVC2 and 3S Results @ The Break! Videos soon

whoops mvc2 not cvs2

16 people in each, thanks to everyone who came out from upstate NY, fun n games, regular NY, jersey

i got about 40 minutes of mvc2 and 20 of 3S, Kofiend got all of 3S so they’ll be a lot of footage from this, tomorrow i’ll host the finals for both just kinda tired right now. and gonna put up the loser finals between matrix and shawn cause that ending was just crazy.


  1. justin wong - ny - cyclops/gambit/morrigan (played it every match)!
  2. matrix - ny - storm/sent/cyclops
  3. shawn morgan - MS^2
  4. shaheed - storm/sent/cable
  5. blacksyde phil - MS^2
  6. trentinal - MSS
  7. Mr Do! Mighty - Storm/cable/commando
  8. Robert Sigley - MSP
  9. Matt - Ironman/Cable/Storm
  10. Nick - ?
  11. Dave T - Mag/Sent/Gief
  12. Hevad - Rowtron?
  13. Steve Lu - Team Shoto
  14. ?
  15. ?


  1. justin wong - necro
  2. ryo cho - alex/ken
  3. mr. x - dudley/?
  4. kofiend - yang/yun?
  5. mr. quotes - yang
  6. devin - ?

maybe someone can fill this in i left the bracket at the break

oh yea i forgot to mention everyone’s banned from looking at the brackets got asked like 100x’s :stuck_out_tongue:

sigley… i used yang throughout the entire tournament…

line of the day from justin: “did you see my yang?”

BLEH, most people play collected nervous…jhdsafshtearjtdrtj sloppy boppy bloppy!!!:mad:

i just had a random thought

i live too far from the break :[

anyways good tournament, gg’s everyone i still suck compared to jerseys best, but at least i beat matrix in casual again…man making someone from the empire put more quarters into a machine is pretty funny (ahahah)

nice hope you got some vids of that thc of doom

ok, i just looked over the footage, couple things-

  1. some of the vids are shaky

  2. i m capturing the footage with the software that came with the hardware, each vid is minimum 15mb, i can get them smaller but the extra mb are a good trade for ALOT better quality(not the bestest but better than the worst quality)

  3. i ll be hosting the vids on goforbroke or wherever i can find space, a buddy is looking into webspace so mind the logo for now.

  4. alot of people having trouble blocking downback on either side, might wanna look into that:)

i had no extra battery so some of the later matches didn t get recorded sadly.

i beasted on the fat kid who talked shit about me:lame:

whats good rob… not you memory son!
storm sentinel cable?!? what is that crap! and msp?!?

I wanted to come, but I didn’t have any money to donate to Justin. I’ll be sure to be there next week. S/D baby!

This is not justin its Matrix. I got mad lucy against sigley.


if your talking about me, i didnt talk shit about you. i was just pissed getting peaced out of the tournament. it was nothing against you. and i think its :lame: talking shit on a computer over something you have the wrong impression of, if you have any other problems you can discuss this with me in person next thursday.


I want to play against justin 3s dammit I CAN BEAT HIM… well atleast i know I will win a round

Justin’s Morrigan…that whole damn team is god-like.

“Who has a god-like gambit!”-Matrix


cheap :frowning:

how can you claim beasting when all you fucking pick are runaway cable anti air teams…

i never once saw you do any single combo except ahvb, and personally even though you tried to act nice by shaking my hand like a fucking lunatic retard to square things, I still think you are nothing but a fanboy jackass. all you did the whole tournament was walk up to jwong and hug him and tell him little fanboy things about how you rank the top empire playa hataz or w/e

point is don’t talk shit when you are shit, learn to play somethign besides cable (hell you cant even play cable properly, all you do is pray for an opportunity to ahvb, rather than make them)

fucking fanboy.

lmao…it’s called sarcasm fool, not EVERYONE takes every second of this game seriously. only played runaway cable because i can’t play on the breaks sticks, no one from my arcade can seem to do as well on those things. i wasn’t trying to act nice; i only shook your hand cause rob told me to, i dont give a fuck about you or your friends. wow i don’t recall talking to jwong about top empire haters because i dont give a shit about who hates the empire. is it any of your business how close me and jwong are?? we VERY rarely ever talk about marvel so that eliminates your fanboy theory. sounds like you are some jealous fanboy because i was talking to him and you weren’t but this shit is getting old fast so whatever. yeah i do suck but i yet i still beat you so pipe the fuck down:p

actually i do recall ddr justin’s beasting cyclops assist into lp lk lp lk grav-tempests quite frequently…

sometimes there were even TWO tempests in ONE combo!

that gambit is ridiculous

oh yea i put up jwong vs matrix instead cause everyone wanted to see his gambit

it’s 53 megs so go for it