6/11 Burbank MvC2 Results

  1. SooMighty - Sent/Storm/Cyc, MSP
  2. Ace “Taiji” - MSS, MSP
  3. Illan - IM/Cable/Doom
  4. Finess - Sent/Storm/IM
  5. Mike Ross - MST, Sent/Storm/Cap
  6. Bill “Deus” - MSS, Sent/Storm/Cyc
  7. Julius Jackson - IM/WM/Doom
  8. Potter - Cable/Sent/Cap, MSP
  9. Duc Jr aka Dark Prince - Cable/Sent/Cap
  10. Reset - MSP, Sent/Storm/Cap
    7 Combofiend - Mag/Sent/IM?

pretty much most of so cal’s “finest” showed up. ace put me in losers. i beat illan in losers finals. i beat ace 4-1 in the first set then we decided to just split it since we are dawgs. good seeing alot of peeps I havent seen in a long time. I dont have the bracket with me but i think 4th place to 7th is accurate.

Heard in team tourney it was Rush-in Iron Illan/ Finesse vs. Potter/ Wellman and Illan OCVd both of them. Good job guys. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Nice seeing you again Soo. the tourney was pretty dope, and the place was nice. All that place needs now is some stools haha. gg’s to everyone.

thx to everyone for showing up. thx to soo for running it, oh yeah, you’re a dick, lolololololololol…

GS Ace, Bill, Potter

Soo still doin it

:confused: I thought Justin broke his hand at ECCXI? :confused:

You aint heard?

He’s a man, while the rest of them cats are just bitches in a man’s body.

sad i couldn’t make it. good to see everyone going at it though.

Storm/sent/cyc = TEAM FUBREEZE aka The team that cleans everyone’s shit up, fuck matrix, TEAM FUBREEZE! or however you spell it.

Good shit too all placers, peace out


chunksta sucks at talking trash during mvc2 matches. he also sucks horribly at side betting. but that nigga is a beast with mss :slight_smile:

Vietkhan, stfu, lol. Im not the person who tries to shit talk 'cause i know im not that kind of person, but i just try to GET HYPHY! lol. You going to evo, i’ll do hella better at side betting, i’ve been stepping it up =D! Me Vs. Hevad aka Uncle Money Bags aka The trilly boss of money since ronald mcdonald established mcdonalds aka that nigga has cash money, aka that duke is too nice! EVO IS GONNA BE FUCKIN OFF THE CHIZZAAINN!!! see ya’ll there, peace.

P.S. Thanks for the props for my mss vietkhan =] you nice.


good job to all the placers!!

Interesting, so after all of this time Soo is still over everyone there.

Soo is the best in the world. he gets 1st in tournaments and never plays casually…ever.

Got vids?

nothing was taped

wow i thought soo was washed up.