6/12/08 - University Pinball AH2[$250 Pot] Results

1st: JustinW/XAQshinor/Hyperhal
4th: Andre [Twisted Jago]
5th: Demon Hyo

Top 3 did NOT play each other because they didn’t have enough time. The pot ended up being split to $83 a piece($84 to the lucky person who won RPS).

This was a great tournament overall, thanks to everyone who came out for this. I have tons of vids from the event that I’ll be putting up in due time, so stay tuned for that. There were lots of guys that I’ve NEVER seen before than knew how to play the game, so if you’re reading this Keep supporting the game!

Yes! Yes! Awaiting the videos indeed!:badboy:

I call shenanigans.

so when are they coming up. youtube I guess.

How many people entered?

Damn yo split three ways thats pretty serious lol.

This is Hyperhal

Not too sure. I don’t have the brackets on-hand, so basically all that information is out of my hands

I’m starting to upload them right now, I’ll start posting links when I get a good number online. And yeah, they’re being put on Youtube

it was fun to place names some faces with names and meet new people.

thanks for tips on doro from nas and jwong

ill try to make it out to philly again sometime. ggs.

Thanks For everything Hal.

Also Remember folks im twisted jago if i place anywhere under 3rd and im Andre if i place above 3rd. If you check both tournament results from UP LOL!