6/12 Summer Sizzler @ Strange Matter! Richmond, VA

Results from tonamento.

And, no I didn’t beat LUD. LUD and Moose were sent to losers by Jibbo. Moose beat LUD in Losers.

Brackets were kinda… one-sided. 4 of the best 6 players and the top 3 overall were in one side of the bracket. I didn’t catch it before the tourney already started.

Super Street FIghter 4

1 William “moose” hummel Richmond, VA $114.00
2 David Mattock NC $57.00
3 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA $19.00
4 Ludovic “LUD” Mbock Waldorf, MD $0.00
5 Justin Roberts SOVA $0.00
5 Strogg $0.00
7 Adam Lane RVA $0.00
7 Ryan Robert SOVA $0.00
9 Chris Adams Richmond, VA $0.00
9 Kevin Michael NC $0.00
9 Perry Spooner RVA $0.00
9 Thomas Chadwick NC $0.00
13 Jimmel Mark SOVA $0.00
13 John Anglada RVA $0.00
13 Matt Jordan Richmond, VA $0.00
13 Nolan Perkins DC $0.00
17 Andrew Lane $0.00
17 Matthew Taylor Richmond, VA $0.00
25 David Mayo Richmond, VA $0.00

SSFIV 2v2 Teams (7teams)

  1. Jibbo/Knuckledust
  2. LUD/Moose
  3. Kevin Micheals/Renegade
  4. DBC/Dsinne

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA $30.00
2 Strogg $0.00
3 Matt Jordan Richmond, VA $0.00
4 James Nicholson DC $0.00
5 Adam Lane RVA $0.00
5 Chris Adams Richmond, VA $0.00

Capcom vs SNK 2
1 William “moose” hummel Richmond, VA 3 $25.00
2 Kevin Michael NC 5 $0.00
3 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA 1 $0.00
4 Adam Lane RVA 2 $0.00
5 Nolan Perkins DC 4 $0.00

Come on Strogg you shouldve won mvc2.


OH!!! Well this happens at Xanadu like, every time. Not surprised, actually.

Good shit to moose in singles. Good shit to Jibbo in teams. Bad shit to Lud in both.

ggs to all i played i cant hate on getting put out by lud in singles need to lvl up some more b4 i beat yall guys

gs to moose on the victory may it be the first of many

Robin, my bad for not responding to you PM, just saw it today. I couldn’t have attended tho I had to work today. Keep me posted for future tourney’s tho. GS to all the placers as well and DBC and Dsinnie for getting top 8. Tuesday we’ll LVL up somemore.

Sorry to all who were offended by my stick slamming. To anyone who don’t know what happened Moose snapped when getting sent to losers. Street fighter is frustrating sometimes. Goodshit to Chris for recovering and getting me a miller lite to calm down. GG’s to all and my blanka is getting better: Super trolled Robin’s gief and Kevin Michaels T-hawk in teams :)…

wait wait wait…

I missed K-Groove Moose? Damn!!!

Dont be sorry for missing a garbage excuse for a game boss…good shit jibbs

Shit was so fun even though I got scrubbed out first round again.

I seriously need to work on my Abel matchup. I got owned by that Abel for free.

Also, those games of SNES TMNT:TF on my laptop were hella good. I wish Jackie Chan could’ve worked, but my laptop decided to be a bitch about having a second controller. :frowning:

Edit: I figured out why MAME wouldn’t register the start button for the second player. Next time, expect some goddamn Jackie Chan and what not.

great time guys, i will return…

we should have a hyper fighting tournament next time…

Sad that this was my best SSFIV (Or SFIV) performance ever.

I’ll win Marvel next time. Run that shit back for a beer at EVO Robin?

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.