6/14 University Pinball CVS2 results


1st Bryheem
2nd Kaliek
3rd Josh
4th Eric
5th Som
5th Ron
7th Ismail

CVS2 players asking for tournaments, coming out to playing again on the weekends, Whats going on here? :confused:
How an on the spot CVS2 tournament got a better turnout than a MVC2 tournament that was posted for a week is beyond me. Depend on how things go next month Marvel players might lose their tournament time to the tekken players.

For some reason Philly CVS2 has regained its fire and most of its players. When Ron starts showing up for tournaments you know things are coming up.


its official… cvs2 = reflex and execution… even bryheem figured out which moves counter each by watching matches for 2 years…


damn it D why u MIA nigga!!! give me a call!!

yo E u should just have consistant CvS2 tourneys!!!

and if anybody wants to play Marvel just have one the same day

anyways MvC2 goes fast



If I make CVS2 weekly I would have to change the day of the week for the tournaments.


so what. just do it. weekly CVS2. just remember all the CVS2 players have CARS. or theyre julian bryheem or alex and are there anyway.


LOFL!!! It’s about time!!!


haha wtf bryheem…no game is safe from his hunger…


I can only make the Saturday dates anyways dont other states wanna play CvS2??? like Va or MD???


what the shit! :mad: I would have went to philly had i known there was a cvs2 tournament. I would have brought a few Marylanders to own up as well.



Yeah I was kind off pissed when marvel players didn’t show up because I know that there were people that would have come to philly for a CVS2 tournament that day.


Oh well… If at all possible, let me know about any cvs2 tournaments well in advance. If it’s just a ‘possible tournament’ and you don’t want to post it on the boards, PM me (even though it’s not definite). That way I can keep a weekend open just in case it happens. :stuck_out_tongue:


no doubt i woulda been there for CVS2 also starting july i’ll come every saturday :smiley:


2 things

  1. There will be a CVS2 tournament this saturday. Talk about short notice, anyway I’m just trying to keep this CVS2 ball rolling until I can get everyone up here for a really good tournament.
    New Yorkers stole Julian’s hair :lol:
    I know most of you out of state people probably can’t make it so this one is just so the local CVS2 players can keep their skills up and have some fun this weekend.

  2. This one goes out to big Ron and all of the other 3rd Strike Players out there. I talked to Bill and I am in the process of getting 3S back at UP. The old 3S is wrecked so we have to find a new one.


Once again, I’lle be mimicking little eric’s art of observation; improving my cvs2 skillz through NOT entering the tourney, and just by simply watching…:lame:

I predict Som will break out of his ‘drop the ball’ syndrome and take top 3.


Little E, SVC owns gay CVS SUCK MY BREAST MILK 2 for free IMO. I think some people are so poor, they will come to CVS2 faithfully.

If that is the case, you should start taking the power cut every week.

I only like watching warrior play because he is my nigga, but other than that. Everybody elses skills are the same:bluu:

Oh yeah, little E don’t let people chump you into doing things you don’t really wanna do. You are my boy, and I don’t like to see people try to pull a mike b on you. If you are confused by what I am saying, I will explain to you next time I see you

On another note: I need to take bryheem to college with me so he can take up another trade besides vid games, I will take him into the animation department so he can make all the vid game type things he wants:D


What are you talking about with Mike and nobody chumped me into anything.

I’ll assume your talking about one of the tournaments
As far as CVS2 or any other game goes if I can get enough people to do one evry week, they just won’t be on Saturdays

And for Guilty Gear
The button was clearly broken so I had to stop the tournament I checked it myself against Jarrett
And that why there is a GGXX tournament next week because that completely my fault and I owe it to everyone that came out this weekend.

I’ll just assume you talking about mike reporting the broken button or asking about the tournament next week, otherwise I have no idea.


I was talking about another day not last sat


you should have SSBM tournaments. that game is clearly the best.