(6/15/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #61

Another great tourney at the Break!!

1: Chris Hu (Abel, Ryu)
2: Arturo (Rose, Dhalsim, Seth)
3: Ryder (Abel)
4: Henry Cen
5: Dieminion
5: MarlinPie
7: Dr Chaos
7: Josh Wong
9: Damdai
9: Min
9: KDZ
9: NerdJosh
13: Quotes
13: RnV
13: Andre
13: Dynicksty
17: JD
17: KillaBee
17: Noel FUCKING Brown
17: DraxBlood
17: Elias
17: Tinky Winky
17: Eltro
17: Romstoppable
25: Dave D
25: Orso
25: Atomoks
25: Cat
25: WetBucket
25: Rigel
25: Kyugene
25: Sai
33: Kich
33: Joe Lewis
33: The Laziest
33: orochimarusama21
33: Kazuya
33: K Hunter
33: Siiig
33: DemonEyes
33: Chemist4Hire
33: Bibulus
33: E1J1
33: BadFish
33: Mugen
33: HackerMike
33: Trade
33: MasterChibi
49: C Monster
49: Tim the Model

any tips to prevent choking during tournament?

inb4 chewing and dick nasty

american trf.


Alot of On Blast tonight. Shout outs to multi-lingual commentary.

It was an awesome experience once again. This was my second time going and i had a lot of fun. Thanks so much quotes and min for helping me out with some matchup 101. I will definetly try to take what I have learned and train on those matchups. You guys had me this week but remember its 1 up so im coming strong next week. anyway ggs everyone see you guys next week.

Yo man, shoutouts to Hackermike for running this every week. Another 50 people tourney? Damn, it rarn so fast I didn’t even notice all these people.

omg…i just realized this is my first time ever posting in the results thread.

all i have to say to this tourney is





anyway as always the tourneys are filled with awesome sauce, and stuff, and as always shoutouts to all peeps that i know.

as always ill prob see everyone next week.

shoutouts to min especially though dude is always 10000 times helpful with matchup stuff.:wgrin::wgrin:

Hey did anyone find the back cover of a TE??

GGs to everyone I played.

New rule only 4 Killers allowed to show up @ the break? :rofl: :rofl:

I need to grace you guys with my presence…Soon enough though guys -_-


Thanks, Jaxel

I think I’ve assembled an excellent team of friends at the Break.

Organizer = Myself, KDZ
Bracket Runner = My parnter in crime, Hacker Mike
Head of Stream = Jaxel, Owner of 8wayrun.com / video master extraordinaire

Among them are the literally dozens of other people at the break, all of whom have stayed with us through the ups and the downs, and have helped me at one point or another, possibly still helping me to this day.

Thank you all, really.
It’s because of you that the Break weekly has been so successful for 60 consecutive weeks.

My bad KDZ and Jaxel, all three of you guys are on point in running this.

wow these results are ridiculous…shit is going nuts once im gone I guess theres only one TRUE break guardian

still free :frowning:

Godlike, we came a long way since the pool hall tournament haha. Jersey all day.

The commentating during Grand Finals was horrendous. Never have that guy on there again, otherwise… good stuff.

Maybe just be me, but I much preferred the 2 hr long stream videos instead of the individual match vids.

Fantastic job streaming these events. Ive been tuning in every week now.

I was tired and didn’t feel like commentating. Who cares just tune in next week and eat a dick. Real talk.

This…times 2. eat two dicks

congrats to you fellas at the Break. If I had free time I’d come out to support more often.

plus i want revenge against KDZ…