6/15 Family Fun Arcade Sun. Biweeklys: CVS2, MVC2, ST


1 Gee-o
2 John Choi
3 Mike Watson
4 PSX2000
5 Cesar Vargas, Sin

1 SooMighty
3 Manuel Bermudez Jr
4 Amir Amirsaleh
5 Jay Snyder, Cesar Herrera

1 Amir Amirsaleh
2 John Choi
3 Sin
4 Mike Di Mambro
5 Mike Watson, Jay Snyder

oops i left the name sheets at family… ill fix the apex name errors after i pick them up yo. good stuff from everyone today, and welcome to the travelers from far away. :cool:

next week is 3S, GGXX, and Alpha 2!





Good shit Amir! :smiley:


Daym Choi dethroned in CvS2 and whut happened to Cole in ST…crazyness!
Holdin’ back for evo :cool:


hehe LOl Sunday was fall of the old skoolers!! Much props to the young bucks (AMIR!!!) For comin up on ST. They got there wins ligit. Me, Choi and Watson got smacked down in ST. Old age is catchin up!!! lol

Good shit to Geo in CVS2, I keep tellin people once that fool is on fire with parries…RC will not save you from his onslaught!!!

Fun tourney…oh and now that tekken tag is on APEX…HENRY WE NEED A TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT!!!

I got a few others behind my back for this too, we truley need a TTT tourney henry for real!!!



P.S. I think this is common sense but I think I should mention it. If someone is in the middle of a tournament match, DON’T stick something in his face in the last round of the last match and ask if those are the brackets for the tournament. Thank you. If someone is playing leave them alone until they finish that game or the match. Then again that is common sense.


good shit geeo :cool:


Good job geo. Wish I could of played you. Your P groove is tight. Wish I saw the finals to but I had to jet cause of traffic.

And after seeing Choi and playing him in person , I have to say he is a beast. U eat 1 short and its L2 cancel . His rushdown is hella lethal.

Props to Family Fun , I really enjoy these tournaments and will make a effort to show up for the next one.

Wish I had entered ST but found out to late… :frowning:


did i ever say no? we will have a tekken tag tourney, but it’ll be on japanese cabinets… :lol:


what characters did gee-o use in p groove?


Good shit people

What characters were used in CvS2? I hate these kind of results…the ones that make u guess n shit.


i think i saw gee-0 use blanka,sagat,cammy. That was 1 of his teams.


MvC2 Teams:

Soo - Sent/Storm/Cammy, Mag/Storm/Sent

Mag- MSP, Magneto/Storm/Tron

Maunel - Sent/Storm/Cable, Sent/Cable/CapCom

Amir - Mag/Cable/Sent

Jay - Cyc/Storm/CapCom (I think)

Ceasar - Mag/Cable/Cyc

I used Mag/Servbot/Psy first game of the tournament and got a perfect
I’ll keep the opponents name secret :slight_smile:


Good job MAG :cool:


Gee-o - Chun-li,Blanka, or Kyo/Sagat/Cammy P-groove
John Choi- Akuma R4, Guile/Chun/Sagat C-groove
Mike Watson- Ryu/Vega/Sagat, Iori/Vega/Sagat C-groove
PSX2000- Vega/Bison/Sagat C-groove
Cesar Vargas(Terry/Rolento/Geese)K/P. Sin-(Vega/Blanka/Yama)C.

Choi’s chunli is sick.


Word on the chun. U make 1 mistake , he pokes u 1 time and you eat L2 cancel L1 etc. basiclly a ton of damage…

I know i experienced it in the tourney and at family fun today.

Makes me want to use her now.


I want to say congrats to Cesar and SiN for representing UCLA. Especially for Cesar cause he’s R|C’s and my practice partner.


lol, just say it


HOLD THAT SHIT SOO!! lol, good shit bro and i have nothing but pity for the person that u got a perfect on. The east coast is sleeping you bro, they dont know how good you are, u must beast the east when we come to EVO again. i hope i get enough dough to go, and we can get up.



hehe i think i have an idea of who you are talking about …:lol: :lol: :lol: