6/18/05 707 Fairfield Tilt MVC2 Results

15 Entrants

1st) Mikey Rasphone-Sacramento (Santhrax, MSS-a, Storm,Sent,Cyke)
2nd) Chris Yun-Berkeley (MSS,-a, MSP)
3rd) Justin K.-Irvine (Team antitop tier= Gambit,Morrigan,Sonson)
4th) Tinh Ngo-Sacramento (Santhrax, Scrub)
5th) Jason Chapman-Eureka (Santhrax)
7th) Ahrmon Rudolph-707, Vallejo/San Diego (MSS-a)
7th) Lenz Medina-707, Fairfield/Sunnyvale (Team antitop tiers= Omega Red,Cable,Tron & BBHood,Juggz,Cable& Ryu,Sakura,Ken)

This was the funnest Marvel tournament Ive seen in a long time. Justin K. and Lenz Medina showed that it is possible to make noise with low tier teams. Thanks to everyone that came down. We had a variety of NorCal and SoCal up in this piece. Justin, it was cool playing and watching you in action. You were a Fairfield Tilt regular for a week and you will be missed by us 707ers.

JUSTIN K reppin the 9-4-9!


I’m from sacramento not stockton =]

The money matches was fun :slight_smile:

I figured you did, sorry about that.

its okay =] mr.fix_it … When is the next fairfield tournament anyway?

I don’t know, just check the tournaments and events or Pac-North forum sections.

Good games people. Damn you Cyclops!


lol, I saw that coming. I was going to use that team if I had to play you in the tournament. Storm/Sent/Cyke is anti low tier :devil:. If you’re ever back in town, let us know :tup:.

first person i played was justin and got raped. :frowning:

and the buttons still hellllllllla spaced out??? 'cause that’s the only thing that keeps me and other svgl peeps from going. =[

Yes, the buttons are still hella spaced out and the sticks are’nt as stiff as SVGL’s. We also don’t usually get enough locals alone to enter a MVC2 tourney to make it worth the drive from the South Bay. It was a fluke that we got more than ten that day :clap:.