Presented by SIREN RECORDS and CYBORG-1

UPDATE: Siren was able to get us the much better Saturday date back so it’s back on Saturday. ITS ON!

Previously… disaster struck as the 3S cab blew up on the day of the tournament bro (it’s fucking bullshit man!). It was a dark time for the 3S Universe… but then we fixed it! Time for another tournament to decide just who is…


featuring… Secret Guest and KURODA puppet! :china:





After far too long it’s time to get grimey in 3S in Doylestown PA. The fate of the entire 3S Universe is at stake and needs your help! All of the East Coast/Tri-State area is invited, so let’s do the damn thing! The Universe is much bigger than the World so I’m told. Come out and show some love for 3S, both old players and new. The event will be held at SIREN RECORDS, one of the best record stores on the East Coast, located just outside of Philadelphia. This tournament is going to be sponsored by CYBORG-1 (Best Comic Shoppe).

Just one game to be played: Street Fighter III Third Strike. It will be held on a 100% authentic Japanese Head to Head Sega Versus City Arcade Cabinet! All the sticks and buttons (all SANWA) are in excellent condition and we even got some comfy stools to sit on. All you have to do is bring yourself, some cash, and your skills. Lugging around joysticks is for suckers.

The more people that sign up and show up, the more prizes for the players player. Let’s do it huh?!

SIREN RECORDS: http://www.sirenrecords.com

CYBORG-1: http://www.cyborg1.com

Last 3S tournament placings

  1. Therapist
  2. Green Tea
  3. Greek
  4. Mutant XP
  5. Flare
  6. Vizard
  7. Frantastic
  8. Mr. Quotes


Saturday, June 19th 2010 AD

1pm open/registration starts, 2pm Third Strike Singles starts, Third Strike 3v3 Teams starts right after singles.


Siren Records
25 E. State Street
1st Floor
Doylestown PA, 18901

Directions can be found on: http://www.sirenrecords.com

PRO TIP Philly: Septa RR drops you off in Doylestown not too far from where Siren is, it’s about 3 blocks from the station. Just ride the R5 all the way into town.

PRO TIP NYC: There’s a bus route from New York City to Doylestown about a little over a 3 hour ride but it’s super cheap and easy.


The bus should drop you off like 3-4 blocks from Siren but it’s a really short walk. You can give me and/or Siren Records a call if you need help getting to Siren from the bus stop but it’s really simple, just walk up the street past the train station, then look for Oakland Avenue, go down that until you reach Main street, go up main street towards the Starbucks to State street, then head down State Street towards the County Theater. Siren is right across the street from the County Theater.

Bus should be pretty cheap if you get the weekend early bird special.


There should be a bus from Chinatown to Market East in Philly. From there you can take the Septa Regional Rail R5 train to Doylestown. Or just take the train the whole way from NYC to Philly to Doylestown.


Street Fighter III Third Strike Double Elimination Singles
Street Fighter III Third Strike Single Elimination 3v3 Teams

This will all be held on the Head to Head Sega Versus City Cabinet so no controllers of any sort will be required to bring.

Brackets will be run by myself (Diaper Bomb) on Tonamento

PROOF: PIC 1 / PIC 2 / PIC 3


$10 venue fee
$5 entry fee for Singles
$2 entry fee per member for 3v3 Teams

Payout will be 70/20/10% for Singles, Teams will be Winner Takes All.


Game will be set on Event Mode and Free Play, so no need to feed the machine between rounds.

Singles will be Double Elimination 2 out of 3, Winners and Losers Finals are 3/5, Grand Final is 3/5 set format.

3v3 Teams will be Single Elimination the whole way through.

If you are over 10 minutes late to your match you’re most likely going to be DQed, so please be timely so we can run a quick and smooth event for everyone.


If you plan on pre-registering and you are coming to this for sure please list your name(s), what tournament(s) you’ll be entering, and where you’re from so I can work out the seeding properly. I need at least 8 players for the Singles tournament to run it.


  1. Brian “Diaper Bomb” , Doylestown PA
  2. Flare , Parts Unknown
  3. Rapen Von Rapenwulf the 3rd “Therapist” , Brood Hive PA
  4. 1der,
  5. GREEK, Sparta NYC
  6. Greek Jr. , Sparta NYC
  7. Seasofcheese, Chalfont PA
  8. Da Rage, Jazzy NYC
  9. Deep Thoughts , State College PA
  10. dumba989, NJ
  11. Jwang, PA
  12. Mutant XScrapple, Lakerskand


  1. Team Brooklyn Ballers (GREEK, Greek Jr. , Da Rage)

What time do you expect this to end? Any chance you will start it earlier?

AWWW man, I’ll definitely try to be in there, 3s 4 life!

It’ll probably end around 10pm or so as usual. As for it starting earlier I might be able to make it an hour earlier, I’ll have to see what’s what first.

If it ends at 10pm then it doesn’t matter. I was hoping it wouldn’t end at midnight.

I’m in

will try to balance the rape out with some class and dignity


you must sign me up for this. i need third place to bump up to first. third is not acceptable. and planet earth better bet it’s babymaker that my q is coming back for blood. BLOOD.

if my greek banana ken shows up, :lame:


greek and greek junior neeed a teamate. who will be brave enough to stand with us!

Done, also I bumped up the date of the tournament a day up due to scheduling issues with Siren. Hopefully Shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Tell all yo friends

Sign me up! Anyone want a scrubby Ken or Akuma on their team?

Feel like teaming up with a Scrubby Remy, Dudley or ken?? Not sure who I would use…expect the worst and hope for the best lol

Feel like teaming up with a Scrubby Remy, Dudley or ken?? Not sure who I would use…expect the worst and hope for the best lol

actually it does. I was planning on going but there is no way I can make it on a friday. Most people work mon-fri. :frowning: Oh well, another time.

Hm well, I might be able to swing it on Sunday too. Let me ask Siren if they can do that (pretty sure they can) and I’ll let everyone know. What day would work better for everyone that week? Friday or Sunday? I think Sunday would prob work better but we’d most likely have to start the tournament earlier.

there is no way they can do it saturday? I think you are better off leaving it friday then. I can’t do sunday either that is why I asked if it can end early. I’ll drop by next time you have it on a saturday.

Ok, the tournament is set for Friday for sure now. I’ll catch you at the next tournament (July 17th) which is a Saturday Alphastorm cuz we need to team up for real!!! Team Pro Wrestling! I want to get the ball rolling on these those and just run one once a month…cuz it’s third fucking strike!

Poster hopefully forthcoming later today…

You can put me down. I can also bring some stuff for the cab if there’s still an interest in CE

So it is on the 18th still or the 17th now?

18th this month on a Friday. The 17th date is for the next tournament in July.

Alright cool, can’t wait until two weeks from now. Getting an opportunity to play some authentic 3s for the first time ever!!!

Poster is up. Check the OP.