Hey guys, thanks to everyone who made it out. I had a BRAST. I’m a lil tired now and under the weather atm so I’m just gonna post the results and do shout outs later… And the results areeeee


  1. NICA KO (Yang)
  2. Therapist (Akuma)
  3. Mutant XP (Necro)
  4. Flare (Ryu)
  5. Diaper Bomb (Alex)
  6. MWelsh (Necro)
  7. Frantastic (Yun)
  8. Seasofcheese (Ken)


  1. Mutant KO - Nica KO/Mutant XP (Yang/Necro)
  2. Hand Banana - Therapist/Hahano (Akuma/Dudley)
  3. Danish Control 4 - Diaper Bomb/JWang (Alex/Remy)
  4. Parry Manilow - Flare/SeasofCheese (Ryu/Ken)
  5. Fetus Cheese - Frantastic/Mr.Quotes (Yun/Yang)
  6. Greek & Son - Greek/Greek Jr. (Q/Ken)
  7. Team Cool Name - Phlis/dumba (Chun-Li/Alex)

Full Results @ http://www.tonamento.com/ViewTournament.aspx?id=593

P.S. Next tournament will be up soonish and is on JULY 10TH!!! Keep an eye out for the thread.


P.S. did anyone actually watch the last second stream? lol

I watched some of this on the stream, only for like 20 minutes or so. I saw someone Shin SRK their way out of a KKZ from therapist, brutal. Good shit guys, hopefully i can make it out to one of these soon.

yo I’m sorry I couldn’t make this tournament, I’ll try to be there for the July 10th showdown. Props to Mwelsh for his placing and Philis aka the Gouche for winning his first tournament match.


Yo Necro thats pretty cool haha.

Good stuff everyone, I need to make it to one of these in the summer. And whhaaa there was a stream? Fuck I would have watched that whole thing.

Oh well, good job everyone!

Fixed :tup:

I had a ton of fun playing on an authentic 3s cabinet. I plan on playing better next time & hopefully we’ll have a larger turnout. If you play 3s & live somewhere near the area or can make it, there should be no excuse for not attending. GGs to everyone that played, I felt the real 3s atmosphere too, everyone was cool & the chinese buffet was sweet after the tourney.

Great time + great matches! :woot: Thanks to mutantxp for the Necro tips, and everyone for the encouragement.

Flare vs. Therapist was sweet. Shinsho to escape from chipdeath KKZ :looney:

Dumba, your Alex is awesome. hypabomb! Hope we get to play again.

Is there any chanced that the stream was recorded? I’d like to watch my terriblness

we thought ustream would automatically save the vids but i guess it wasnt enabled or something, so the stream wasnt saved :sad:

fucking bundle of sticks running a tournament when i’m out of town. WHORES. i still love you though. BUT FUCKING WHORES. but i still love you though.

edit: edit for 4 letter word censorship.



Man, I just drove through PA last weekend! CF was desolate when I was there. Need more 3s tourneys throughout this old nation on the regulars. Also, Yang SAIII is more intimidating than Yun SAIII.