6/19 Camelot Weekly 3s results

We had an odd number and we were a bit unsure of how to run the brackets, but we got through it, thankfully without screwing anybody but that’s why the results will look weird. Anyways:

1st. Pyrolee (Yun)
2nd. Ken I (Makoto, Ibuki, Dudley)
3rd. paulee (Ken, Chun Li, Yun)
4th. Genghis (Ken, Chun Li)
5th. Yi (Denjin Ryu)
6th. Don Sneddon (Alex, Ryu)
7. Viscant (Alex, Hugo)
7. Allen (Ibuki, somethin else)
7. David L (Ken, Akuma)
10. Rene (Necro, SA I)
10. Hung (YUN, Oro)
10. Emil
13. Mike B (Hugo, Ken)
13. Potter (Ken)
13. Brian I
13. Jason Cole (Urien)
13. Joel
13. Christian (Ken, Ryu)
19. Francis (Yun)
19. Mike O (Yun)
19. Def (Ken)
19. Jr (Chun Li)
19. Gino
19. Alfred

Ken I wins first set of grand finals 2-0 over pyro’s Yun and loses the next set 0-2. Thanks to everyone for the good turnout.

good games everyone, good tournie.
btw: i used hugo, ken not akuma kthxbye

  • mike b

When are the Camelot tourneys? I haven’t noticed any announcements before.

thursday nights. sign ups start at 6.3o.

Ok tnx.