6/19 ctf "low tier" tourny


1st-pedro(port authority) - hayato/cammy/tron, someone else/cammy/tron
2nd-Jon(port authority)- omega red/gambit/tron, omega red/thanos/tron
3rd-Michael "MR. -=infinite=- williams - sakura/cammy/tron
4th- Desmond “Xecutionator” Pinkney - cyclops/colossus/commando

-pretty fun for low tier n all that
-lots of close matches
-tron is cheap
-finals were 4-1
-evil sakura is so hot but she bleeds:bluu:
-next low tier tourny will be next season:D


lol i was just preaching about how good that team was


I Overslept, oh good


I got robbed :mad:

that and 5th.


Yeah Pedro / jon rep PA!



thanks for throwing the tourney mike, it was a fun idea. would’ve liked to have seen more people come out and show off some different low-tier teams, but it was fun anyway

gambit air throw into tron = pain (all you hear is bing bing bing and see lifebar disappearing…)


Way to go Pedro and Jon. Next time I’ll be there to cheer on the power of the “BUBBLE!!!” :smiley:


No one use Rogue in this tourny Matrix?
Anyway I wouldn’t use her because she not low-tier and I wouldn’t disrespect her like that.
U all should not allowed tron assist because it is to cheap against poor low-tier characters.

My team would have been

Tron/Charlie/Ken in that order and tron on trow type… anyway rahssan wants me to come back out there anyway so if u having around that time then count me in.


Yeah, what were the rules?


No big 4
No trap characters (Spiral, Blackheart, Doom)
No one hit wonders. (Iron Man, War Machine)

Assist characters were allowed. The only person that rocked with that team was me with Pyslocke, Cyclops, Commando.

Yo Patrick when are you coming here?


Boo for last place!!! Jebus I thought my geif was better than that. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Infinite PM me if there are any other tournies there. Id like to come