6/21 Hagerstown MD [3S GGXX MVC2 CVS2 A3]

3rd strike [17 players]
1st --> eric lee “shinshay” [MD - ken]
2nd --> estuardo “tommykid” [VA - alex/makoto]
3rd --> nasser “haduken111” [MD - urien]
4th --> adam “kikin” [VA - hugo/dudley]
5th --> khang trinh “exodus” [MD - akuma/ken]
5th --> marc pointer [MD - chun li]
7th --> joe. l [RI - chun li]
7th --> anthony “gimpy” [MD - ryu]
9th --> johan “gunjack fever” [MD - Q]
9th --> jim [MD]
9th --> james a. [CT - hugo]
9th --> richard “onionkid” [RI - ken]

guilty gear xx [21 players]
1st --> drew “kono” [VA - dizzy/…]
2nd --> thomas “tomass” [MD - anji/testament]
3rd --> anthony [MD - dizzy]
4th --> dane [MD - eddie]
5th --> james a. [CT - …?]
5th --> jody the don [MD - ky/potempkin]
7th --> stuart [RI]
7th --> dan “gwyrgyn blood” [MD]
9th --> johan “gunjack fever” [MD - zappa]
9th --> rich “onionkid” [RI]
9th --> tony [CT]
9th --> joe l. [RI]
13th --> james c. “voodoo” [VA]
13th --> eric lee “shinshay” [MD]
13th --> casuy [MD]
13th --> jim [MD]

alpha 3 [11 players]
1st --> will martin [MD]
2nd --> estuardo “tommykid” [VA]
3rd --> koopsta [MD]
4th --> eric lee “shinshay” [MD]
5th --> thomas “tomass” [MD]
5th --> robin palm “renegade” [VA]
7th --> jody the don [MD]
7th --> will hailstock [MD]

marvel vs capcom 2 [16 players]
1st --> isaac “tyranidman” [MD]
2nd --> darren [MD]
3rd --> nestor [MA]
4th --> ryan [MD]
5th --> estuardo “tommykid” [VA]
5th --> tony [CT]
7th --> jason “rugal b” [MD]
7th --> will martin [MD]
9th --> christian “skisonic” [MD]
9th --> eric lee “shinshay” [MD]
9th --> wayne [MD]
9th --> ray [MD]

capcom vs snk 2 [33 players]
1st --> james paige “bmorechun” [MD]
2nd --> jason “rugal b” [MD]
3rd --> jody the don [MD]
4th --> nestor [MA]
5th --> christian “skisonic” [MD]
5th --> tony [CT]
7th --> billy [VA]
7th --> estuardo “tommykid” [VA]
9th --> marc p. [MD]
9th --> joe o. [MD]
9th --> james a. [CT]
9th --> kang [CT]
13th --> james stanley “nokato” [MD]
13th --> adam j. “kikin” [VA]
13th --> shawn [MD]
13th --> wayne [MD]
17th --> eric lee “shinshay” [MD]
17th --> robin palm “renegade” [VA]
17th --> rich “onionkid” [RI]
17th --> nasser “haduken111” [MD]
17th --> lei [MD]
17th --> will martin [MD]
17th --> robert [MD]
17th --> anthony “gimpy” [MD]

i want to thank everyone for coming. there were a few mishaps that occurred concerning the following of the rules that were posted, and some heads had some discrepancies with each other – the tournament finished at 1am, which despite the trimmings to single match double elim, was a great task that was accomplished. but please, we are in someone’s house, and you just HAVE to show proper etiquette. i had to pick up some cans even at 1AM. it’s just not right, especially when the rules were stressed NUMEROUS times. luckily, noone let the dogs/cats out this time :slight_smile:

here are some notes about the tournament.

-bmorechun and rugal split pot for CVS2
-nestor forfeit his match vs isaac in order to see isaac and darren play
-tomass’s anji is too great. bow before him please.
-tomass does not work well with beer.

once again, i want to thank everyone for coming, and for bearing up with what we had to go through in terms of organization. lessons have been learned. basically, noone brought extra TVs [props to kikin for bringing his, despite its lack of usefulness in tourney], so we could only do so much with 3 TVs. if we ever have another one, i am going to have to cap and pre-register.

bitch/whine/congratulate away. :slight_smile:

that kid isaac a beast, lol i am goin to the next MD/VA tourny… EERRRR

Great tournament, it was cool meeting everyone. Exo, if anyone hates, let them hate. Tournament ran fine despite a few setbacks, just a good time :smiley: .

James-my friend wasn’t home today, ima get in touch with him about the stick whenever he gets home.

congrats to the winners.

oh and make sure you plan the next tournament on a date in which i can’t go… again.

i hate you guys. :mad:

we love you sparatik. :smiley:

mah main man isaac be tearin that shit up with msp illness

beware fellow evolution kingpins, your time has come :slight_smile:

REALLY wish I could have made it, the way the winners brackets look some insane shit must have gone down.

ISAAC MOTHAFUCKER…Damn, Isaac took his last 2 tourny’s. Damn Isaac, its time to take this show on the road. All of you people can next see this show 7-12 in Richmond , VA for “La Familia presents”. Seriously, 3-0, 3-0…I think Isaac was trying to prove a point. La Familia baby!!!


yes let me first thank my long lost brother tomass and his wifey for letting us use his crib for this tournament. Thanks a million. Next it was good seeing the old faces and such everyone just chillin…

Big ups to the conneticut and Massachusetts crew for coming down and showing love for the tournament. Good chatting and laughing with all…


[] Tomass is my long lost brother…fighting cures the soul
] Alex know more about kung fu films than lei
[] Finding restaurants in hagerstown is a bitch
] The fan by the door owned everyone
[] Black folks arnt the only ones that draw heat
] everyone drinks sodas, but pot is not full
[] the dogs love the ladies:p
] Tomass’s next hole in the wall should be a air duct or some sort of ac
[] khang needs a friend to ride to get food
] Tomass + beer x robin squared = Drama
[] " I couldnt hear cause of the rap music"
] juwanna mann seemed to be in every movie we mentioned :confused:
[] rugal is serious about his gaming…
] bmore is calm about his gaming
[] Will Martin is cool than a muthafucca…well except when he bit into those wings:lol:
] tomass needs to order mild next time
[] mass crew was too cool…hope to meet again:)
] bmore chun is sooo lucky about Killer Instinct:mad: wish someone had a SNES
[] Will H. is scared of lighting “oh shyt was that thunder” LMAO
] The shells in my hair are attached by rubber bands people…lol
[*] Lennox Lewis loves gripping mics…(inside joke)

Well I give the next tournament [if allowed] a 2 month time periods [somebody should remember our bet]. And hope to see the same [not all] faces. Good job khang and ski for holding it down and robin for the alpha help.

Never go from alpha to cvs…you will feel very out of your zone…I think will m will agree.

Big ups and thanks


This tournament was fun. I was glad to see Tomass control his anger this time around. A brotha was proud.:slight_smile: But I wish we could have the tournaments someplace bigger so we don’t get on Kristina’s nerves.:frowning: I’m surprised I didn’t she Shawn(Charlie-God)there.

Below is some things I observed at the tournament.

  1. People can’t respect other people’s houses.
  2. Khang is a whore in 3S!:lol:
  3. Yesterday solidified my dislike for Ken and Chun Li.
  4. Wayne and Jody are some luchin’ ass people.
  5. Samuel Adams beer leaves an after taste.
  6. Bud Light is good.
  7. China Buffet was good. Khang we got to hit that again, when I am not full.
  8. I want Koop’s car.
  9. My skills in fighting games have diminished.
  10. Nasser and Joe(Otaru)have really improved their skill.
  11. I suck with Alex in 3S.
  12. Eric did the damn thing in 3S.
  13. Marc P. still’s look the same. LOL

Also Khang I used Ryu, Alex, and Sean in the tournament. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tournament was great and I will have to practice the other games too. Especially learn mvc2, I asked isaac(tyranidman who I should learn in that game and he said Magneto something something, LOL. Too funny.) Anyway I think that I am going to have to retire using Ken and focus on Ryu again. I am kinda tired of playing his cheap ass.

Anyway I played Ryu in the tourney as well Khang.


It was cool seeing my Bmore peeps again. Will I am going to have to learn how to stop that Gief shit, LOL.

I will have to burn another copy of CvS2 to figure that shit out again thanks to BmoreChun and Rugal.

I definitely will have to practice Guilty Gear X2 again if I want to be in the mix for the next tournament.

Special request by Tomass… He wants someone in the tournament to use low tiers in mvc2. I think that I might try that, LOL…Well at least one low tier.

Anthony G is the fucking man for staying true to 3S by playing no whores ever in tournament play.

Darren as I said earlier you have to show me MvC2. To all the Silver Spring and Waldorf niggas that be holding it down…Y’all niggas is coming up so keep doing the damn thing.

Yo, you ever wanna play mvc2 just hit me up. Me and the Bmore kids(rugal, ryan who got 4th, ray who got 9th, will, darryn and others) would be more than happy to play with you :smiley: .

Honestly though, just magneto that shit, he’s too fast :smiley: .

Who from MD is goin to EVO? Let’s get as many as we can to take over.

Thanks. The only whores I like are the ones in Downtown D.C… Just kidding. And like I said you did the damn thing in 3S. Came back from the loser’s and avenged your lost. I told you it was the power of BUMAYE!!!:lol: It was also good to see Darrin. He was M.I.A. for a hot minute.

I just want to thank Tom and Kris for tolerating us in your home as well as Kris and Danielle for tolerating us in public.

Thanks to Koopsta for being the funniest motherfucker ever made.

Thanks to Jewel’s chest.

Also to Dane, Toby, Eric Lee, BMoreChun, James A, Tony, Estuardo, Khang, Kang, Johan, Destin, Kono, and Nestor for playing amazing matches and/or being generally dope.

Thanks to Mary Kate and Ashley for inviting me to their all-female sex orgy in Cheese E. Charlie’s ballpit.*

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to the ever-expanding Team Boro:

Stu (TrashBear)
Matt (Trevor Chan)
Joe (Space Cowboy)
Sam Adams
Dr. Pepper Phd.

This one was even better than the last, we’ll definitely be back.

Pics and “Wang The Machine” trailer coming soon.


  • = Dramatization; may not have happened.

Come to a fl tourney sometime please:D

Mob with the whole crew, i’ll get u guys a place to stay.:smiley:

whoa. b-chun rocks CVS2. Too good.

good shit to you and Will (A3)

If the ggxx brackets looked as pretty as the Marvel ones, or the Marvel tournment ran as smoothly as ggxx - things would’ve been spiffy! Anyways, good stuff all around from Guilty Gear. It’s fun to watch (like Marvel was more than a year ago), and a blast to play.

Aside from the gametime crew, I had no idea who any of you mother fuckers were. Good to see that MD still has a little bit of life in it - now all we need is a good arcade in the area. =)

Also it looks like Khang cut off all the other finishers in the tournaments, so each list should’ve had a handful more names.

voodoo: who posts people in last place? that’s degrading to them. im saving face :cool:

something is really wrong here… i missed ecc now this. I always knew there was no God. Can someone lock this thread? I’m tired of hearing how good of a time you guys had. :bluu:

happy birthday to me. :o

TripleAgent = Darryn
Darryn = 2nd place
2nd Place = Raped 3-0 3-0 in finals
Raped 3-0 3-0 in finals =
BACK TO THE LAB!!! :mad:

That was great Issac, but I have to merk you now.

Anyway, not bad for my first appearance in forever.

Tomass, I didn’t see you at the end, I suspect you were in a corner in a drunken stupor, but thanks to you and the missus for the hospitality, love the setup.

Great seeing everyone again, except for the usual assholes, you know who you are, props to Will, B-Chun and Issac (Baltimore!!!) for holding down 3 of the 5 tournies. Eric can keep 3rd Strike, but we’re coming for GGXX.:evil: Sooner or later, we’re going to redefine “Negative Penalty” to you.

BTW, those wings were the nastiest shit ever. You may want to sprinkle some chicken flavoring on them. And Koop, if you’re giving up the SF Pimpin’, bring them to the spots for me, too much testosterone in there.

This message brought to you by CANMIFG: The Coalition Against Nigger Music In Fighting Games. Keep our games pure!