(6/22/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #62

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Ryder (Abel)
2: KDZ (Abel, Rufus)
3: MarlinPie (C. Viper)
4: Chris Hu
5: Henry Cen
5: Arturo
7: Josh Wong
7: TeaBossLegend
9: Grievrr
9: Noel FUCKING Brown
9: JD
9: Quotes
13: Romstoppable
13: UncleBry
13: Dave D
13: Dycknasty
17: RnV
17: Jaxel
17: Kyugene
17: DemonEyes
17: HackerMike
17: Damian
17: Orso
17: DragonflyJones
25: BadFish
25: Siiig
25: Sporko
25: Joe Lewis
25: Kayoto
25: Frodus
25: Sai
25: Kich
33: Zero
33: Chemist4Hire
33: orochimarusama21
33: Jian
49: AFC


good shit to jersey for finally winning something when nyc is there. hopefully i wont lose to scrubs next week <3 Oh btw next time I come and body Jersey I’ll be sure to flash the $$ on the camera. :slight_smile:

The break guardians in full effect.


Damn yo bring that insurance next time.


yo that stream was hillarious! shout outs to putting BZZZZZZZZ on blast and banning all BZZZZZers

The Break is The Trf Of U.S. Anyone can get Owned Free there… No One Is Safe From being a Pot Monster at the Break. Good Shit to Nj For Holding it down!

I finally beat Arturo.


beating me with abel makes me go berzerk.

ay yo good shit jerz. yo Phil next week I want you to have 2 more hater, gotta get those numbers. GS MerlinPie showin ppl some magic. Kinda pissed I missed this one.


lol this is gonna be good

Sodium levels were off the chart for this one

wtf chris hu on blast?

i love the upstate shit talk, someone always wants it!

this stream was extremely entertaining!!! good shit.

nah i lost to you two weeks ago youre on blast marlin ;_;

i wanted join the abel hate train, but i realized i only hate ryder

sorry bro

Can’t wait for the matches to be upped. I’m sad I missed out on this, I was about ready to pass out in the next half hour =(

Thank you again KDZ and Derrick, and congrats on NJ doing so well!


This game is so dumb.

Go Abel. Hooray.

Congrats Rufus. Woo.