6/23 FFA 3rd Strike Tournaments - 2on2 & Singles


Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills will host a 2on2 team tournament and a Singles tournament on Saturday 6/23/07

$5 Entry Fee

Winner take all for the team tournament

For the Singles tournament - 60/30/10 pot prize distribution to the top 3 winners

-2on2 team tournament will be Game Newton Style rules

-Singles Tournament will be best 2/3, double elim - best 3/5 winners & losers finals and grand finals.

-Pick any character (no 1 character ranbat style rule) You can switch characters if you lose

-Winner must stick with the same super art

Team tournament sign ups start at 12pm and Tournament time starts at **1pm **

Singles tournament sign ups start at 6pm and tournament time starts at 7pm

Late fee enforced!
$5 Late fee

Please dont be late! I know FFA tournaments are known to start a whole lot later than whats posted, but I’ll be running it and I will not accept anyone who shows up an hour after the tournament starting time. I dont care if your name rhymes with Gay Gamos, you will pay the late fee if you are late!

See ya there!


hahahaha, gay gamos. that’s good shit shogo. so not this sat but next sat.


Yep!..not this sat. but next saturday


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This cancels out AI tournies.

Thank god.


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I wish either of you faggots step up to me come tournament day. Oh god I wish you do. because then we can catch up on old times and have cigarette.




I think I might come to this. Anyone need a partner for the Team tourney???


im not going to lie, i laughed so hard when i read “gay gamos” where you at ray???

i want to go to this for sure. fuck yeah


Hey Shogo if you actually check on this thread,

What happened to a 3v3? Why the change to 2v2?


yea make it 3v3


no. 2v2 makes it more interesting.


5on5 and maybe ull get a special appearance from the 5 star


yea 5on5 that shit


Does anyone wanna team up with me?


Me plz.


EDIT: nm i can’t read


Eat after.