6/24 DK's random mvc2 tourny

1st Mr. Pasadena
2nd Frank
3rd Anthony
4th Bloodstorm Quick
5th The Darkness
5th Clockw0rk jr.
7th Metrock

Clockw0rk jr. was disqualified for using Strider/Doom. :clap:

wtf??? so apparently while i was playing Jason tonight he was ALSO entered at a tourney 2 hrs away. interesting.

It must have been an online tourny :crybaby:

hahahaha. Yeah that kind of shit happens lol. :rofl:

It might take you 2 hours to get there but I made it in 1. BOOYAH!

Damn speed racer and shit. :wow:

pasa-fucking-dena. plz move to norcal. lol