6/24 Jax, FL Tilt @ Regency T5DR + Others

pensacola is making it! ima hardcore 3s player and i have some friends who play as well. I’m pretty good at marvel its just that i prefer 3s. Theres 4 of us coming. 3 of us play 3s\marvel. The other guy is strictly a tekken player.

some of jacksonville actually plays 3s a little and were not that bad in pensacola. We really dont get alot of out of town play but were still pretty solid. I hope 3s has a good outcome. The previous jville tourney had a decent 3s turnout.

thanks for trying to help us with the ride issue king rey. We apprecaite it. We actually found someone within our city whos going to attend for tekken and were catching a ride with him.

see yall mofo’s there and bring your A game. This one is going to be the shit.

yup yup, back up dreamcasts are on the way:wgrin:

If you have something that you want to sit on bring it. There are not going to be alot of places to sit. Anything that you can bring to help out with the tournament will be great. i.e. TV, Console, and games. If you have any of those controller converters that would work too.

well i have a portable rocker gaming chair i can bring with me plus i’ll bring my dreamcast with my custom copy of marvel and i have 2 converters,1 of them i’ll be using and the other we can use for the tourney.

last time i was there people were leaving their converters or sticks laying around. I was kinda dumbfounded by that because I always hear tourney stroies on how people get there shit stolen. Be sure you watch your shit. Dont bring too much because you probably wont be able to keep an eye on all of it.

I’m looking fwd to playing you jas. I’ll probably be the only serious strider doom player there. I have a friend who is in need of psx to dc converter. If that is what you have, bring it with you. If it feels good im pretty sure my friend will buy it.

bump. 4 more days peeps.

This is gonna be an even better tourney than last time!

is there gonna be any alpha 3 at this tourney

yea it’s a psx to dc converter and it’s by far the best one i’ve ever used.and as far as keeping an eye on ma shit my girl is gonna be there to keep an eye and my boys are gonna be there too so nobody better get the wrong idea and take any of ma shit or u will get fucked up!but yea i’m looking foward to playing u as well and for those who don’t feel like running around asking are u lord jas,lol don’t worry cause i’m gonna have my crew shirt on which has my crew logo on it and my name on the back,lol.

How much for that converter?

Sorry if this was mentioned on the previous page, i can’t get the damn thing to load up.

money matches in marvel?


sorry but the converter is not for sale,lol,but u can go to ebay and get one for like 20 dollars,that’s were i got mines.as for the money matches go to the jax thread.

If you bring the game with you and there is enough interest then we can throw it. If there are others interested in playing alpha 3 post up.

I’ll bring it, but what I meant is there any Alpha players in Jax. The main interest seems to be T5 and MvC2, both of which I don’t play =(

Any Slash players coming??:confused:

I acutally don’t know. It would be best to direct your question to Crono, he might know. The main event for this tourney is T5DR, T5 and MvC2 are gonna have good turnouts too. I think we will have about 50 for T5DR. I don’t know about the other games.


cmon 3s people show the fuck up


Only 1 and a half more days until they tourney!! Can’t wait!


OK. While I’m there does anyone wanna buy a Mas p360 + competition buttons with PS2/DC/Xbox hookups? I’ll take trades too. I’ll trade my Mas for a HRAP if anyone’s interested

fuck bumping the thread, we gonna make the tourney itself so damn hype people will support it :lovin:

I hope you’re already making plans for the next tourney

pensacola is bringing our best tekken player this time:wgrin:

yea this tourney should be a huge success,and kingrey if u need another hand in running thangs around there that day just holla.