6/25 FFA 3s Ranking Battle Video

Here it is…this is the top 10 matches of the tournament

no commentary on this one, but there will be on the next tournament


Dont use Internet Explorer to download the video…it seems like everyone that uses IE cant download any of my vids

if you can, share the vid so others can watch it too !!!

N-Joy! :tup:

aww, how come there wasn’t any commentary? now watching this video won’t be the same :sad:

Awww no commentary, oh wells, thanks for the vids Shogo.

Looks like the ftp is being raped T.T; Sigh~

I remember someone asking this before, but have you looked into using the BT tracker? I wouldn’t mind seeding this for a while…

Vic and Nate was an exciting match.

If you could put it up here that would be great :sad: http://www.shoryuken.com/tracker/

Needs more Elvis 3rd strike sucking. That was the best comment ever.

Nice vid nonetheless, though it would have been much more enjoyable with commentary.