6/25 FFA 3s & T5 Ranking Battle Results

Another great tourney…38 ppl signed up for 3s and MDJ returns with a vengeance!

3rd Strike results
1st - Vic “Victoly” Vance - Dudley SA1 & 3
2nd - 5 Star - Ken SA3
3rd - Shadini - Chun Li SA2
4th - Pyrolee - Yun SA3

Tekken 5 results
1st - MDJ (Steve)
2nd - Tim aka JOPs brother (Steve)
3rd - Tomhilfiger (Nina/Jack/Julia/Bruce/Bryan)
4th - Rickstah (Ganryu)

Point standings are:

3rd Strike
1st - 5 star - 17 Points
2nd - Victoly - 13 Points
3rd - Pyrolee - 10 Points
4th - Sextaro Inoue & Shadini - 5 Points

Tekken 5
1st - Chet & MDJ - 10 Points
2nd - Venom & Tim - 7 Points
3rd - Ricksta - 6 Points
4th - Rip & Tomhilfiger - 5 Points

I’ll finish up last weeks Tekken 5 vids by Tuesday…I’ll keep u guys posted on the 3s vids

I didnt get any Tekken 5 vids this week, but whoever did, I can host it.

good work vic and yi, looks like you are guys are pretty motivated and playing well…


So who beat Pryo in the semi-final? Vic or Yi?

Any chance that Frankie3s will play?

Can’t wait for the video

First Yi beat Pyro and then Shadini beat Pyro for the 3rd place spot

I doubt Frankie3s will be playing…he usually plays when it involves winning a spot at a japanese tournament, but he’s always there playing casual games at ffa

I ran into shift changes for work this week, so vids wont be out til Friday :xeye:

It’s all good man. Shogo your a freaking beast, thx for all the vids you share w/ the community!

So how exactly are you dealing with someone missing a tournament? If someone misses a tournament or two due to something or other, they’ll drop in the rankings and it will be confusing. Someone who is ahead of them in rankings is ahead not necessarily because they’re better. Its even more confusing when say:

You have 64 points, I have 62 points. But since I missed a tournament and would have gotten 2nd atleast, I’m a “better” player than you.

Its hard to determine when my placement in the tournament is up in the air, and my entrance into the tournament can skew your placement.

Are you going to cut out each person’s lowest score or something? Sorry if you addressed these points elsewhere. I was just curious.

well thats how it goes…if u miss out on a tourny and miss out on points, thats no one’s fault except for the player that missed the tournament…it happens…u just have to make it and grab as many point as u can by placing high on every tourny


if thats the case, wouldnt it make more sense to weigh the tournaments differently–something similar to tennis? If all was equal in tennis land, it can be easily seen that someone like Bob Jones enters every shitty tournament does alright and gets ranked higher than Agassi or Federer even though those two won Wimbeldon, US Open, French Open, or whatever (and if those two didnt enter that many tournaments). With different weights, people are allowed to set a schedule and all that jazz.

The way the system is now in this ranking tournament, one can see how legitimacy is somewhat lost. It doesnt really establish too much if for example Yi wins the whole thing and Pyro says something like: “well, I couldnt make it to some tournaments (such is life) so even though this tournament is designed to make a legitimate ranking and lasted for multiple weeks, it doesnt really mean that he’s better than me.”

I’m not saying that either of those two would say anything of that sort and I’m sure that they’re fine gentlemen, I’m just making an example.

Anyway, I’m not trying to demean any of this. I think what youre doing is pretty damn cool and obviously you understand the situation (whos playing in the tourneys/schedules and stuff) much better than I do. I guess I’m just trying to understand better the logic in this ranking design (which is obviously not an exact science).

Regardless, keep up the good work. Its interesting stuff.

FFA RANBAT # 2 Video

Here it is…this is the top 10 matches of the tournament

no commentary on this one, but there will be on the next tournament


Dont use Internet Explorer to download the video…it seems like everyone that uses IE cant download any of my vids

if you can, share the vid so others can watch it too !!!

N-Joy! :tup: