[6/26/10] PyroPanda Presents: Round 2 Tourney Pompano Beach FL(SSF4/SSBB/H3) Results

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came out to the event, you guys are awesome :D. Each of the first place winners walked away with a 50 Dollar gamestop gift card, and the runners up walked away with a 25 dollar gamestop giftcard (one of which was traded for a chili’s gift card we happened to have on hand).

Super Street Fighter 4: (12 entries)

  1. Dwayne (Dudley/Guy)
  2. Sam (Gief)
  3. Clay “Citizen” Hicks
  4. Drew Wise
  5. Waffles

Super Smash Bros Brawl (20 entries)

  1. Kyle “Aglow” Mechanay
  2. Ryan Calfee
  3. Clay “Citizen” Hicks
  4. Drew “Bleu” Wise
  5. Chocolate Thunder

Halo 3 16 man FFA: (16 Entries)

  1. David Cummings
  2. Jason “Hollywood” Cummings

Some pictures from the event: Login | Facebook

If any of you are interested our next event is the Starcraft II Launch. We’ll be having a lan party and tournament for that on August 7th at GXE in Pompano Beach again. If you are interested, PM me.

I’ll also be adding youtube videos from the event, as I had a capture card on hand. I just need to edit 4 hours of video >.>