[6/26/10] PyroPanda Presents: Round 2 Tourney Pompano Beach FL(SSF4/SSBB)

Pyro Panda Entertainment Presents - Round 2 SSF4/SSBB/Halo 3 Tournament! (Yeah I know the name is silly. I couldn’t think of anything better. Name Pending change.)

Link to Flyer here

Event time: 6:00PM doors/registration opens/

SSF4 Tourney starts promptly at 7:00PM
Smash Tourney Starts at 7:30 PM
Halo 3 Tourney starts at 9:00 PM

Street Address: 134 E McNab Road Pompano Beach FL 33060
After the resounding success of our first event at GXE, we here at Pyro Panda Entertainment have booked another date on June 26th!

The cost of the event will be $10. Any attendees will be ranked on our ladder that was started at our first event on May 1st (http://pyropanda.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=184&Itemid=207) and thus be eligible for fabulous prizes!

Tournaments being run:
SSF4 - Double Elimination, 3 Matches of Best of 3 rounds.
SSBB - Singles and Doubles, Double Elimination. 4 Stock. Final Destination.
Halo 3- Free for All, Best 2 advance until the finals.

SSF4 - $30 Gamestop giftcard for first place, $15 for second
SSBB (singles) - $30 Gamestop Giftcard for first place, $15 for second
Halo 3 - $30 Gamestop giftcard for winner

Keep an eye on www.pyropanda.com for more information as the date approaches including prizes for the winners!

I know we’re new around these parts, but we established Pyro Panda Entertainment to revitalize the gaming and tournament scene here in South Florida. We’re in this for the community. We currently hold events every 1-2 months, but this will increase in the future. If you have any questions, hit up our forums on the Pyro Panda Entertainment website or email me at deitis@pyropanda.com.

You guys should offer a 2v2 Halo 3 tournament bracket. That would be awesome.

We haven’t ruled that out - I can’t imagine the FFA tournament taking that long. We can most likely do both.

Bumped for prizes. Note that the SSBB Prizes are for singles only.

Will SSF4 be on the ps3

Nah, 360. Though, if someone brings a PS3 setup, we can offer that as an optional agreement on the part of the two combatants.

Two weeks out, hype this shit up guys!

Official Facebook Page for the event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120419047983707
Pyro Panda Entertainment also has a facebook group, so please join to keep up with all of our news! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120419047983707#!/group.php?gid=374063768991&ref=ts

So let me understand this it’s a $10 buy in for the tournament so if 20 people pay $10 to get in to the tournament and, the win it all they get is a $30 dollar gift card while the store get’s $200 dollars, i dont know i been to like 100 tournements and, its the top 3 get 70%, 20% and 10%. But your saying that all you get is a $30 gift card, I dont know but, that does not seem right to me at all.

It’s a $10 dollar door fee, there is no tournament buy in. With the $10 you get access to our 8 setups (4 of which are on projectors) for casuals the entire night, a DJ will be playing music, etc. Not to mention, the 10 dollars covers entry for all three of the tournaments mentioned.

The main reason we are not doing a cash pot is because our venue WILL NOT let us, under any circumstance, as he (the owner) believes it is gambling and illegal (which coincidently, it is under FL state laws, he’s just one of the few people who actually cares.)

The reason the amounts are low is because the money for the prizes is coming out of pocket, as we have to buy them before the event. Not to mention, we’re doing three tournaments that prizes need to be purchased for. Obviously, if it was only one tournament, say SSF4 for example, by itself the prize would be that much larger, but as we are on a budget, we had to divide the money invested between three tournaments.

Times are tough right now, but if we had an overwhelming response for the event, after the door fees were paid we would make an effort to either add money to the gift cards, or go purchase an additional prize. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel like they’ve been scammed.

At future events, once we find another place that will let us host tournaments around here, we plan on doing a cash pot and more of a standard split of 60/30/10.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Also, I would like the mention that the door fee includes a $5 venue fee. The other $5 covers the prizes/advertising/equipment/labor involved. Again, I just want to reiterate, the 10 dollars IS NOT a tournament fee. If it were, the money would be split normally.

Not saying anything about your Tournament but, that still sound really “LAME” for my money ill be going to this one on the same day.

You’ll also be spending quite a bit more if you want to compete in all the tournaments. Just sayin’. Also, it’s unfortunate that that tournament was planned on the same day, as I had mine posted waaaay before SRS did… Oh well. I’ll go eat my QQ cereal now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump for the event being this weekend.