6/26/11 @ 6PM - S3 Santa Monica - MvC3 & SSFIV AE

The next s3 night being hosted is…

NO meeting tomorrow, Sunday September 11th. I’m changing the day I host to Thursday… because I have to wake up for school on Mondays now.

- Mike


What’s it like?
[]We’ve got a bunch of space for up 25++ people to play and watch comfortably, and room for more setups. During casuals, we run the arcade ‘I got next’ system, best 2 out of 3 games, with the usual bo3 99 sec. rounds, but the rules are flexible, but not for Marvel. Incorporating other games is possible if the demand is there.
]Images: Image One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
[]Latest Tournament Vids:
[media=youtube]UJwu1QzbZoc[/media] [media=youtube]ESS46wa-aUU[/media]
What, When, Where?
]What: S-cubed casuals meet every week for some long, late-running, leveling-up focused get-togethers. It is Bring Your Own Controller, meaning that sticks and maybe a system are brought by the participants for maximum playtime. If you can bring your stick, great. Your system? The best. We’re all set for screens at this point (but an Evo monitor is always welcome :D).
[]When: It happens on Sundays. Each event will be posted both in the OP as well as replied to at the end of this thread, so be sure to check both. Generally the start time for each session is officially 6*:00 PM on Sundays**. I try to encourage people to be there earlier so we can get rolling early. But with the next day being a Monday I understand people have lives. So if you can’t make it until later it is all gravy - the more the better.
[*]Where: It’s hosted by yours truly in the heart of Santa Monica. Address: Posted. However, if you’re bringing ten people with you in a van, please don’t come unannounced, this ain’t a WNF quite yet ;]


1. We’re all adults, so please act like one in my home. Everyone has been a class act thus far, don’t be the first to act otherwise. Respect each other, respect the place, and even players who ‘abuse xyz overpowered character’ (AKA play to win). I want to emphasize this rule… if you have a problem with the game separate that from a problem with a person.

2. No hard alcohol at the place, a beer or two is at the host’s discretion (anyone under age attending? crowd too large? etc). I’m trying to limit it - these nights are aimed towards improving our game - so no drunk fighting.

3. No weed. It’s my house, but I’m not the only one living in it.

4. We can always be loud inside but outside only until about 9PM. Because I live in an unusually quiet neighborhood full of people who know me.

That’s it!

**TL;DR? **Bring yourself and your stick (and your system for maximum karma pts) and post in this thread that you’re coming, even if you’re a regular if you can :smiley: I know, that’s a wall of text. See everybody there.

I’m hoping I can make it to one of these after I get back from visiting family in Idaho. Going to be gone for a week and 2 days starting Saturday morning.

Boo. Work until 7pm (but I know I’m going overtime) this Sunday. :frowning:
I’ll try to make it even if I’m late!

And if you need controllers, and if one of the UCLA guys is attending, I can have them bring my controllers over.
Just PM me and let me know.

too bad this is way too far for me.

I’m down, I’ll be there Sunday :smiley:

Last-minute bump!

Thanks Lainy =) Got a few confirms from people that haven’t posted (the bumps would sorta help :wink:)

Who was the guy that drove out from csula?

Juan. He might be able to make it but he’ll be here later if he does.

I’m coming down there soon. With a Xbox and maybe 3 TE

be there in like an hour!

Longest session yet!

showing the thread some love! hella dope and long ass session. thanks for hosting again mike! and also thanks for using balrog’s face to help me find that t hawk frame trap!!! hahahahha until next time

Had fun yesterday thanks for inviting me and bab atomer.

Thanks guys! Check the updated time up top. Starts at 4PM this upcoming Monday~~

Hey yo, just got another monitor for the meetups… ( “official” evo asus vh236h). So like, 3 setups in-house ya-dig. Also I can now bring a bomb-ass setup anywhere I suppose =)

That’s legit. South Bay and the Valley were planning something on Monday, but I’ll see if they’re down to go to your place. Santa Monicas exactly half-way for South Bay and the Valley anyways.

I’ll keep you posted Mike.

Why don’t you guys include us in your plans, Joon? :frowning:
West LA’s like the bridge for you guys!

Sorry, but the plan on Monday was mainly to talk about the Hotel and EVO.

I’m down for monday possibly. PM for address sent.