6/27/04 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron (MvC1 & X-men vs. Street Fighter)

Since Brett didn’t want us throwing a MvC2 tourney without him, We decided to throw tourneys on other Fighting games.
We only had 4 people but it was still fun…Jiggy!!!

Marvel vs Capcom 1:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Ryu/Wolverine
  2. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” Ryu/Wolverine
  3. Wilfred Flores “IIWII” Capt. Commando/Wolverine
  4. Jesse Park “Jesse P.” Strider/Shadow Lady

X-men vs. Street Fighter:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” Charlie/Ken
  2. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” Storm/Magneto
  3. Wilfred Flores “IIWII” Sabertooth/Cyclops
  4. Jesse Park “Jesse P.” Sabertooth/Cyclops

-This was a very fun tourney…
-Lincoln copying Javier’s Ryu Strategy
-Wilfred showing us the best Sabertooth in the East Coast
-Jesse choking against Lincoln in MvC1
-Wilfred taughting his opponents in every match that he won…lol

nice going javier winning on both games sounded like fun …even tho i suck in all them games

Congrats to Javi for teh ownage lol But too bad i wasnt there these are two game I can prolly win at.

tell me when yall having a marvel2 tourney…i’d swing by…need to show lincoln the realest msp on the east coast haha

your gonna bring him a video or something?


Damn guy, your Av is beasting :cool:

Wish i could have been there for the tourney…my Charlie is the greatest, Higher Charlie ownz all you fools.

If you got a higher charlie, then that means that my Charlie is GOD!!!

haha, you wish guy :lol:

Everybody knows my Charlie is the best.

WTF? It seems you don’t want that training you need Lincoln.

*Larry Flynt *

Teach me sentinel X!

that shit is magnificent