[6/27] Buffalo NY- Rumble in the Tundra 2 RESULTS!


First off I wanna thank everyone for coming up to Buffalo and making this a smooth event. It’s only gonna get bigger and better and this one in particular was very enjoyable.

There will be vids posted hopefully (canada taped most important matches) and pics soon.

BTW the tourney was SCAM FREE, lol, looks like that is something we need to advertise these days. 100% of the money went to the players 70/20/10

Here is the full results for each game:

StreetFighter 4: 45 entrants

1: Josh Ballard (Ohio)- Seth
2: JS master (Toronto)- Boxer/Blanka
3: Ex Matt (Toronto)- Boxer/Sagat
4: SF maniac (Pittsburgh)- Ryu
5: C-royd (Toronto)- Boxer
5: JWang (Toronto)- Boxer
7: Glory (Upstate)- Dictator
7: Daikon (Buffalo)- Blanka
9: Guyofkaillera (Buffalo)- Gouken
9: Dave Ro (Toronto)- Honda
9: Neorussell (Toronto) Vega/Ken/Dhalism
9: Zzy (Upstate)- Sagat
13: Zero fxi (Buffalo)- Ken
13: Tiger Lee (Toronto)- Boxer?
13: Barry (Toronto)- Sagat?
13: WB! (Toronto)- Boxer?
17: Net Yuppie (Upstate)- Hodna?
17: Toiyet (Pittsburgh)- Rufus
17: Nick psi (Upstate)- Ryu
17: LMC (Upstate)- Blanka
17: ZTS (Upstate)- Ken
17: Lexaen (Buffalo)- Boxer
17: ChaCha (Buffalo)- Cammy
17: Cretin (Upstate)- Guile?
25: Aasu
25: StridaJin
25: Baku
25: Mocha Ky
25: Gosuping
25: jesusarus rex
25: Tigedrboymac
25: RXS
33: Crusherfist 2000
33: DSRO
33: JBlaze
33: Anisakis
33: Kowtow
33: Big Richez
33: China
33: Blackandred
33: joey fury
33: Theli
33: Clue
33: Celeste
33: Rsnake

SoulCalibur 4: 15 entrants**

1: Dreamkiller (NYC)- Schezerade
2: Oofmatic (Toronto)- Vader/Yoda/Algol/Crazy shit
3: Ramon (NYC)- Sophie/Asta
4: Neorussell (Toronto)- Yoshi
5: STD (Toronto)- Amy
5: Kowtow (Buffalo)- Cervy
7: valei (Buffalo)- Hilde
7: ChaCha (Buffalo)- Lizardman/X
9: Jian
9: Big Richez
9: rigel
9: Khent
13: Idlemind
13: Shadowfox
13: Kikaleek

Tekken 5 DR:

  1. Joey Fury (Buffalo) Marduk
  2. Zzy (Upstate) King
  3. ZTS (Upstate) Lee
  4. ChaCha (Buffalo) Christie
  5. valei (Buffalo) King

Many thanks and shout outs to come. Sorry we had to switch roomks last minute, it was hot inside it but it all worked out, ran quick and was much fun (i hope).

Congrats to Josh, a great player and great guy for coming in and cleaning house with a Seth no one (but a few of us ~_^) saw coming!! Great shit, great finals.

StreetFighter had some HYPE ASS matches, so anyone who recorded (im lookin at you toronto), PLEASE POST IT HERE!


cha cha


Im pretty sure Tigerlee didn’t come 13th and Neorussel didn’t come 9th.

This is what Tigerlee says


I just copied and pasted the results directly from the bracket. But if he wants to debate who lost harder, by one placing tier, it is certainly his right:) I give him honorary 9th place:)

but regardless, thanks for making the trip out guys.


Can we please get a videoclip of EX Matt hugging JayWang please


He looked so upset after losing though.

Great tourney, I couldn’t believe how quickly it got going after the massive false alarm with the missing camera. Great job directing by bryan:tup:

I’m terrible with names but gg’s to everyone I played.


:tup: Good showing from the TOSF/GTASF team. :tup:


Any chance the finals vids can be uploaded soon?:slight_smile: that shit was too hype not for everyone to see!


Nice work once again, Josh


Good shit Toronto, we ran top 10. Josh, amazing Seth, I still can’t believe I almost knocked you into loser’s… I can honestly say that I’ll remember that loss for a long time, such a debacle lol.

Good shit Buffalo, thanks a lot for welcoming us Canadians and keeping the hype + shit talk friendly. Great turnout with a great crowd, met a lot of cool people. GREAT JOB BRIAN. Us Canadians couldn’t believe how fast you went through the SF4 bracket. We’ll definitely make the trek up again and we’ll make sure more of us aren’t stupid and get our passports updated.

I’ll be posting pics and more thoughts later


converting finals video now. gonna try to upload this monster of a 30 minute match LOL (it’s in 1080p thats why it is taking so long)


great tournament. I’d like to thanks everyone that came out. we doing big things in buffalo and i hope we displayed that to all you guys yesterday. again thanks to everyone for showing up and having a great time i know i did


Oh shit…general of the seth army! Looks like our training just made you that much more godlike!!

Sorry I couldn’t make it buffalo is too far away for someone that doesn’t drive.


good job Glory


Pora eso estan los trenes…lol


Great tourney. Cool to meet some new people and hope you guys hold another one down the road. It ran pretty smoothly.

Congrats to Josh and JS, the finals were awesome.

Good shit to GTASF people for finishing so strongly.


Thanks for coming to the TE CANADA!! GGS

ChaCha good Job running the TE…

RSX sup man? This is Luis the Blanka/RYU player from Rochester, NY.
I had only being to just few tourney in my life so Buffalo was unforgettable experience for me. Thanks for the tips about Blanka. I will be training to give you guys a better challenge when we meet again. I hope we can meet all your guys here in Rochester in our next Tourney.


lol dat was the 1st time ever i played against a seth. I’ll be better prepared next time!

Great tourney guys! Everything ran so fast and smoothly. Thanks alot to the organizers and everyone who helped us out.

BTW, everyone who reads this or is at the tournament and wants revenge from any of the Canadian players, u MUST come to T10!!!

congrats to Ex matt for coming in 3rd, no matter wut other ppl say, i think u definitely improved alot.


This was my first tournament, and my first match i don’t think i can forget haha.
If that blanka player posts on here, mad props, best mirror match i’ve ever had.

Great tournament Cha, 7th place is fine by me.


Sounds like it was a fun tourney.

JS - I’ll teach you how to fight seth sometime, I was expecting you to win this one.


JS adjusted very well on the fly to Seth, it was a great finals, but Josh counter adjusted in the end and won fairly convincingly . Great finals from you both though, thanks for making it a memorable one.

Thx for the props, I just like running tournaments that everyone can enjoy and meet new faces at. I will definitely work on fixing a few minor things like bigger rooms, a few more stations and maybe a few people to help me run brackets so I am not running around like a madman the whole day. (so tiring, makes me play worse too ;_:wink:

Thanks for the suggestions and I am glad you all had fun.

cha cha