(6/29/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #63

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Chris Hu (Ryu, Abel)
2: Ryder (Abel)
3: Henry Cen (E. Honda, Dhalsim)
4: Noel FUCKING Brown
5: PhillyOne
5: MarlinPie
7: Dave D
7: Quotes
9: Adnan
9: Zart
9: KDZ
9: Orso
13: Jaxel
13: Chemist4Hire
13: HackerMike
13: Kich
17: BadFish
17: The Laziest
17: RZO
17: Ace
17: JD
17: Dave
17: WetBucket
17: orochimarusama21
25: Siiig
25: CrazyRu

fml :frowning:

2nd !

Pity that the amount of people registering wasn’t as much as the past weeks, leading to a shorter tournament, I have enjoyed a ton just watching, though, wish there’s a more active comp atmosphere in Taiwan… I’m Venezuelan though, also, guys, got to put a mod to the stream chat beforehand, I’m also working on some Visuals, hope you like them.

Quotes! please don’t feed the trolls! you’re just cool and I love your comments!

thanks lol. tho i wasnt really feedin the trolls, i just kinda said my piece and moved on.

but it was interesting how i was able to garner that much hate from some people.

Videos are now up…

Shoryuken - User: Jaxel

Videos are now up…

Shoryuken - User: Jaxel

argh, im really starting to hate this game again, just like i did with regular sf4. its not even moves or characters, just the game… its not that im quitting, im just severly annoyed is all…

and its annoying(to me) that theres like…no other game going on right now…no tvc,melty,naruto,blazblue,tekken…nothing…

as always though gg to all. i guess chris hu learned the matchup against seth last time i destroyed him, but he returned the favor this time.

in the end i let my anger get the better of me and my last round with dave d i just let him win, i really shouldnt have done that. idk just getting very frustrated with this game…

Yeah Dave D get those free wins! Nice placement. And great job One we’re gonna miss you!

no offense but i dont get where you tink you can just walk in and rock chris with seth lol

well thats because like i said ive done it before but this time i got rocked, its ok though i dont hate chris.

Shoutouts to Mr Henry Cen, and Chris Hu for blowing it up. haha

Hey guys,

Just finished watching the vid matches. They’re pretty good. I will see about making it to the next break.