6/29 Family Fun Arcade (soCA) Biweekly Results: CVS2 MVC2 SC2


1 SooMighty
2 M.A.G.
3 Steve Yoo
4 Robert G
5 Devil X, Izzy

1 Gee-O
2 Jason Cole
3 Ed Ma
4 Lawrence Perales
5 “Clubberz”, Roberto Velazquez

1 Devil X
2 Paul Anderson
3 Raj S
4 Chris Almazan
5 Cameron Mills, Token

someone pls post the char’s used? :slight_smile:

Next week is 3S, GGXX, and TTT! come check it out yo-


nice tourny yall
great to be back in tha swing of things :slight_smile: first tourny run in 2 yrs
great games.
get at me


Soo - MSP, Cable/Storm/Cyc, Mag/Storm/Spiral
MAG - Mag/Storm/Sent, Cable/Storm/Tron
ise - Sent/Storm/Cyc, Capcom


soo f’ing mighty!! still undefeated at ff =]


Special shoutout to my boy ROBSKILZ for gettin 4th! Soo; still too fucking good. :stuck_out_tongue:


1 Devil X/Yoshimitsu
2 Paul Anderson/Ivy
3 Raj S/Maxi
4 Chris Almazan/Nightmare
5 Cameron Mills/Yun Sung
i think this is right


Yes. GJ!


Props to GEO , dam making it back to back in CVS2 tourney wins.
Wish I could of made it to this tourney.

FF always throws the bomb tournaments.

I will make a effort to be at the next one.

I been to TWO so far and both kicked ass.