6/3 MVC2 Results @ The Break + Videos + pictures


Wow 17 people all from NJ on post ECC tourney which always has a low turnout, who’s the man =)

Thanks for everyone coming out mad people from Jersey I haven’t seen in a while were here.

There’s two videos from the winner’s finals I took with my digital camera (so no zoom), I woulda took more but I thought they were going to be horrible but they didn’t turn out that bad, both are of Starbury (Left) vs Ed the Head (right). I’ll do grand finals every week and host it from now on, finally found a use for this digital camera. If anyone knows a program to compress is smaller to like WMV let me know =)

Results (17 people):

  1. Shawn Strawberry Kisses and Champagne Wishes Morgan - Mag/Sent/Tron, Storm/sent/cyclops
  2. Ed the Head - Rowtron, but with Drones!
  3. Shaheed - Storm/Sent/Cable
  4. Juan - Rowtron
  5. Noel - MSP
  6. Trentinal with his sick 40% of the time fly combos - MSS, east coast MSP

more people i left the bracket at the break i’ll get it tomorrow


yo when is the next break monthly rob, and do you expect a similar turn-out for the next thursday tourney?


I would’ve stayed, but Simon had to bring Ramone back to his house. He was trying to leave me @ the break because I said that I would lose on purpose and then leave with them at like 9:20, we didn’t leave until like 10:06.


wow my face was priceless after playing the worst night of my life since last tourny:mad:


good shyt rob… damn all you white people’s drawing power :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway… oh man, is old school (look at my beard) rob going to make a comeback?!!

i’ll see what’s up this weekend. someone wants me to supervise this tourney thing that ten’s doing on sat


Damn I shoulda went. No top players so I coulda placed top 3. =(


Monthly I don’t know, that’s Phi’s thing. Similar turn out? I hope, but people are random so I can’t guarantee it. I was going to start the tourney at 7:30 with 7 people then Steve calls and he’s like I’m bringing some people, then more people show up, then more and all of a sudden we got 17.

Yea sorry about that matches took longer than expected, guy accidently shut off the machine during the grand finals too whoops haha

doubt it i’ll just leave it at that.

so lazy to shave then when you get too far it hurts a lot so probably =\ no offense to ten but i dunno about that tournament it’s getting no press but i guess i’ll show up to help him out, it’s on saturday tho? that sucks, me and todd agreed we should play umk3 at your house soon :smiley:

Oh yea about next week, it will be MVC2 and 3S but how do you want 3s I came up with two options

  1. $1 entry fee winner take all, quarter per game
  2. 50 cents per game, quarter to the machine, quarter to the cup which will be used for prize money.

I prefer $1 entry fee cause I don’t have to watch it as much but whatever you guys want. MVC2 will still be free entry cash prizes, 50 cents/game

Oh yea first file is back up dunno where it went


the dilly… its more like 30% fast fly sickness

haha worst night of my life (since last tourney) justin

post my elite teeams! everyone else gets em :frowning:


ok i did sorry i got out of hand with the 40% fast fly props i forgot to post your team!! =(


hey rs, nice stuff!

were you being bumped when taking your photos? or like flash didn’t go off, those are werid blurry :sweat:

nice UMK screen though :lol:


could’ve? yes

would’ve? no

shawn ed and shaheed are all better than you, and on a regular basis do better than you in mvc2 tournaments.


shawn is a top player IMO…good shit mah nigga…good shit at ecc too :smiley:


thanx for sharing the vids.


i think the problem is i have auto focus on and with so much going on in the background (all the screens flashing etc.) it messes up the camera and makes stuff blurry because it doesn’t know what to focus on, that’s what i think at least.

no problem about the videos, shawn’s too good ed tries guardbreak he push blocks, super, dhc to cyclops =)


i give it to shawn and ed. They’ve gotten better since the last time i seen either of them. Shawn’s a helluve beast now.


auto focus huh…mmmm with my cyber shot at least…I just have to not move and im usually good for pics…besides trying to offset the flash…but those are really werid for this novice:rolleyes:


is 3s next week rob?..oh yea game mario come down…and just play who cares who enters…


MVc2 and 3S, 3S will be $1 entry fee


true that ill true to come this week. Hopefully desmond or mike will come along. Boring riding a train alone.