6/5 3s and ggxx results @ the break


16 people entered both
for full results check out the ddrfreak forums under breakathalon results.


  1. robert sigley - slayer
  2. javier - millia, ky
  3. shareef “chef” - faust


  1. robert sigley - sean
  2. paolo - ken
  3. ten - ken




My Sean’s too powerful =)

Roll super son


didn’t take the camera this week rs?:stuck_out_tongue:


Hold XX tourneys without telling CT/NJ/NY eh…


It wasn’t my tourney it was posted on DDRFreak, I just showed up to the break and they’re like wanna enter so i was like uh ok



free win?:wink:


oh wow. I totally missed it… it coulda be my last breakdown.