6/5 8otb Results. . . Bets?

1st- Josh << I think???
2nd- Des <<
3rd- The Hype nigga!!! Ed the F’n head
4th Rashaan
5th Shawn JerseY rEp niggAA!!! :lol:

Lot of side bets after ehh. . .Ooh well. . .

I’ll go to Chinatown if I bet this. . .
Matrix $100 race to 10 games (mvc2)
Rich Carnage $20 (each) race to 5 (mvc1) (mvc2)
Josh $20 race to 7

Well let me know. . .where’s freeworld now nigg???:lol:

BTW. . .this is Ed ok not Shawn

I think you mean 6/12 instead of 6/5, but anyway…

I heard about all the nonsense that happened after I left. Sounds funny. Too bad I missed it.

Ed is feeling himself…this is no good. Just don’t get mad if you lose your money cuz you know CF really gets up to play against you. mvc1/mvc2, doesn’t matter. They look like they take it personally whenever you beat them in anything.

What??? Please. . . we’ll see i’m waiting for any of them to reply. . .there’s no such thing as lose. . .what’s wrong with you??? do you know who I am ???:cool: :lol:

BTW. . .this is Ed again

If you play in CTF, I bet you’re smelling free money right about now…

Hey ED! Find a working MvC1 somewhere, and an MvC2 that’s NOT the big cabinet at the break, and i’ll take you up on both bets! I need money bad!

Uhm…Me first.

hehe…Marvel 1? and Marvel 2? really. . .aww man i’m excited ok. . .$20 race to 5 both games. . . .BTW. . .I’m not Empire Arcadia :lol: :lol: :lol: j/p but yehh we’ll see what’s up. . .

BTW. . .This is Ed not Shawn