6/6 Dindo's MvC2 Results


decent turn out amongst some of the locals around LA/the valley…

  1. Korean Jordan- MSP
  2. SooMighty- Sent/Storm/Capcom
  3. Dc Static- MSP, Sent/Cable/Capcom
  4. Chris- Storm/Sent/Cable, Mag/Cable/Sent
  5. Dindo- BH/Sent/Capcom
  6. Mr. Bongs- Storm/Sent/Cyc

22 ppl damn not bad. thx to aren for the food =] Soo won the winners finals 3-1. KJ beat Soo 4-3, 4-3 in grand finals. Dindo went crazy with BH. and i got lucky against Chris.


Soo is fallin off. Call him Korean Drexler or something.

Korean Jordan should get his name changed to Korean Kobe.
Put the rape on Soo.


damn, cant believe somebody finally beat soo. korean jordan is on another level. its all good though, cause us koreans still on top.


How did he get first and second pkace?


who’s that in your av?


I thought Finkle was Einhorn too :confused:


Korean Drexler lol wth.

I thought they were the same person too…but I’ve been taught the truth.


jordan is just insane, the best in the game for all time :smiley:

blazinflo… sasha singleton


i wish iw as good enough to get first and second…i need a mentor for that shit