6/6 Family Fun Arcade (soCA) Biweekly Results 3S, TTT

1 Gee-O
2 Mike Watson
3 JR Rodriguez
4 Rockefeller

Tekken Tag Tournament
1 Sin
2 Fernando Carvente
3 Michael Bertumen
4 Miguel Coronado


so uh, where were all u GGXX folks? only team run showed up :stuck_out_tongue:

man, that sux we cancelled the GGXX tourney :frowning: Where did everyone go?

I’ll post the 3S grand finals with Gee-O vs Watts by tomorrow night :smiley:

Your site is the truth.

Keep it up:D

can u post the top ten? no more full results huh?, how about us scrubs who get 6th and dont get much attention!? post them… its our only time that we shine …:lol: :frowning:

dam i never went to your site u got good shit on there i couldnt dl none of it though! =(

hey, we had a cvs2 tourney also, but we all know geeo won



Yo Watts here are some things you should have punished ken vs. Necro.
-After you parry the Necros far fierce , instantly uppercut or sa3.
-After you parry the Necros low c. forward , you can c. forward link into sa3.
-After you parry 1 hit of necros twirl in the air move, you can uppercut but do it instantly.
-If you block Necros electric snake super you can sa3.
-if necro whiffs the twirl thing , you can strong link into super.

JR also played Chun and Ken.

Where was everyone?

Maybe we should start a betting pool along with the brackets. That would bring in more people.

…and maybe some blackjack tables.

i just did today and it works great… with cable modem though… the files are pretty big, some of them are like 44mb or 22mb


yea alright hoes thanks, i liike to be ignored . henry can you post the top ten? it aint on the apex yet…

Henry’s losing love for the people. :lame: :frowning:

I tought him that:lame: :lol:

how much money did 1st place winner of TTT earn