6/7 CI tourny jax,fl


here r the results:

1st-Mike “Mixup” Mixon
2nd-Mike “-=Infinite=-” Williams
3rd-Craig “MAXIMUS” muther fukkin DuFour
4th-Xander “Weapon X” Machett
5th-Roy Youngblood
5th-Jack “STEZO_1” Teng

yea it was a fun little gathering thingy tourny type fun shit.lol like 12 people were there. whole lotta fun:D


yea it was fun playing with yall again…lets do this again next friday. BTW infinte i WILL beat you next time lol…maybe] :o


I would like to add that Xander’s(weapon X) msp will be a force in the tourney scene here, it’s ridiculous already.

he’s also hella tru for sticking with that team for tourney experience.

Props u beast


hah thanks mike, youre really intense and playing you helps alot, and thanks mike (infinite) for running that tourney and thanks craig and cj for hosting and thanks jack for making me look dumb:lol:


Xander was the truth. Seemed to be the truth. Was #1 in Florida at one point…but he lost to infinite and stezo? WTF? Fuck the cepticons. They suck. THUS--------------->Xander sux. I’m changing my avatar as soon as I get a better one.

Damn Xander, what a waste of talent.:frowning:


Preach on Justin :lol:


I felt ashamed when CJ beat me :frowning: just shows that im lacking skillz BAD.


i like you justin


Shouldn’t you guys get your stuff APEX or something…


You fucking LOST TO CJ??? OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHH!!! Did Craig kick u out. You do realize if u ever lost to CJ at marvel u have to suck his dick right? OMFG!!! JESUS!!! LOST TO CJ!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!


:confused: i dont know about the whole sucking part but yea i kept fuckin around to much and lost 1 round but i beat his ass overall. still sucked to lose to him :frowning:


Mirko stop trying to soften the blow. U lost to CJ. Plain and Simple. Okay doesn’t matter if u dominated him overall. YOU LOST TO CJ!!! You’re not supposed to lose any characters to CJ. I just had a long talk with Craig and Xander. They are seriously considering kicking u out of Team Jax and replacing you with CJ. Think about what u have done…And then go practice.

DAMN!!! Lost to CJ…Do you realize u are CJ’s first and probably last tournament win in Marvel ever…unless he plays u again.


After reading that…I look as disgusted as Doom in your avatar…



time to hit the hyperbolic time chamber then, to boost up my game.


damn mirko…you are getting killed on srk…guess that will teach you not to use Magneto/Cable/(Jin/AKuma)…:lol:

I like your avater bshido its too good.:lol:

props to CJ though for beating mirko one round…keep the doom/stryder traps going…


Dude i dont care who laughs or mocks me. i dont play this game seriously enough to care. ive stopped practicing and what do u expect. maybe if i practiced 6hrs a day then maybe i would win more games, but i aint gonna spend plenty of time playing a game while i could be doin something else.


does that something else include trying to defend yourself for losing to CJ. OMFG!!! MIRKO LOST TO CJ!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA!!! DAMN!!!


P.S. If CJ ever owned me at anything I’d move to a mental hospital in Tibet and change my name to CJ’s Bitch.


jeez i would have thought Roy losing to shane would be worse than this…:lol: :lol: :lol: guess i was wrong,


good shit Xander,Craig, Roy you guys are to good at marvel, i played you guys before, outstanding game play everytime from you guys…:slight_smile:


Craig, Xander and Roy??? WTF!!! eh, they’re okay.

mirko, no hard feelings, it’s all just shit talking nothing more. Don’t take it to heart.

I am now known as “The Decepticon Killah” , for more explanation, ask any decepticon. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!