6/9 8otB SF4 Weekly #8 - Dunellen, NJ Results

1st. Skye Thompson- E-Honda (Philly/NJ) (Lost to Mike Infinite)

2nd. Julian Robinson- Gief/Bison (Philly) (Lost to Skye)

3rd. Josh Wong- Gief/Guile/Ryu (Philly/NJ) (Lost to Julian and Skye)

4th. Demon Hyo- Chun-Li/Blanka (Philly) (Lost to skye)

5th.SmoothViper- Sagat/Gief (New York) (Lost to Dr.Chaos and Demon Hyo)

5th. Dr.Chaos- Akuma/Ryu (Philly) (Tied for 5th) (Lost to Josh Wong and Skye)

I think it was about 24 people that entered or around that number. Kdz has the full list. Good turnout and competition, and definitely fun times! Random jersey cop trying to come in the arcade like a goofy boss guy was too good. Dr. Chaos impression of him was too funny!:lol:

I believe SmoothViper was tied for 5th with Dr. Chaos… Brandon you beat him after you beat One in Loser’s bracket, remember?

Good Shit for allowing all that cheesy shit to happen when im not there…i should have came.

And good shit to smoothviper for getting a phone…lol

I was running from the break towards my car with my tv when the cop bounced out his partrol car. In my head I thought that fool was going to tackle me. When i get inside the break I see the cop giving Julian a hard time saying he was being loud and tried to run away from him. In my head, I was like “What is this cop thinking? I was the one running down the street with a giant ass tv? Julian was just standing outside chillin.” As soon as I took off too, that cop tailed me in his patrol car for a good minute down washington street. Good times.

The cops up there still act like assholes.

Gs to everyone Skye your part Philly now Gs.

True, thanks for the reminder.

is a boss…

Lol lol.

gs philly sorry i couldn’t make this one…

omg josh wong why so serious… they should have locked u up in china…

someone hold a tournament i can go to, wed thurs and sunday are good.

Brandon Hyooo. Tough break, having to play skye x 2. Dude is a beast. Congrats to skye.

B Hyo - We gotta discuss Chun strats at evo, she’s a killa that can’t be counter picked :cool:.

i’m talking to billy to have thursday tourney at UP

Haha yea man he’s definitely beast. I almost had him hehe, just gotta figure out the chun vs honda match a little bit better. That’s like the 3rd time I ever did that, blanka almost won that though lol.

Fun tournament, the setup was pretty cramped/hot/miserable at the beginning, but after a few people cleared out it was a pleasure.

GGs to everyone I played. The finals became very tense and entertaining. Honda makes Gief look soooo bad for most of the round, but somehow it’s still terrifying.

Not sure when the next time I’ll be able to make it to one of these, I only got about 2 hours of sleep last night… and I am old.

OMG is that really THE skye thompson

jesus I thought I was gone from this crap for a while O_o

no vids?!

5 Philly players in top 8?

Things have changed…