6/9 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron (MvC2)


6/9 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron Results (MvC2)

This was a good tourney, despite the fact that it was like 100 degrees in NYC and most people had to take buses and trains to get to cybertron.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” MSS & Sent/Storm/Cyke
  2. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” MSS
  3. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” MSP
  4. Pedro “Epyonyx” Matrix & MSP
  5. John “Hadoken king” BH/Storm/CapCom & MSP
  6. Ricardo Chorrillos “Desperado” Scrub & Sent/Cable/Tron
  7. Jesse Park “Jesse P” Storm/Cable/Cammy

-Javier perfecting John with 83 sec left :eek:
-Pedro actually showing up…for once
-Me beating Pedro (FREE ) in a MSP money match
-Javier scraping everybody with his new Storm/Sent(proj) combo
-Lincoln being random like always
-John beasting with BH, only to have me take out his whole team with my 3% life Magneto
-Javier beasting with his new sentinel tricks in the finals
-Me eliminating Pedro with MSP–>Pedro ate all the shit that he talked to me for months :evil:
-Lincoln has proven that he is the 2nd best in the decepticons:cool:


:lol: it was free huh brett… when did we have a $ match …

Well watever good games, next time Ill just beat you wit matrix easily and then get some fries at wendys, gosh i was hungry :lol:


Before the match started (MSP mirror), we agreed it was for a dollar.

Too bad you weren’t ‘hungry’ in MvC2 :lol:


me and rahsaan shoulda went and ramsacked this whole thing

and its funny how top16(lincoln) at ecc9 got 2nd


whens the next one?


Eurotrip = Too Random…lol


my bad javier,lincoln,brett i could not make this one. brett got 3rd heh…javier let me know when is the tourney and ill show up this time on the real.


Question: where is this place?




Yo pedro Stop fronting and take me to one of these tournaments


yo hit me up when u going i would go, even tho queens is deep (O_O)


yall need to learn how to PM a nigga when they got tourneys… i need to get up on some marvel lol


i did not pm u cuz i dont wanna bust ya shit:cool::smiley:

aite blackhart2097 Empire Wallace 2 good:lol:


mad fun… maddd fun… lol

pedro got pwned, brett was beasting on me… i got PERFECTED… wow… i suckz0rz… mwuahahaha


word wallace & wallace law firm, shit is serious:lol: :lol:

but 4 real, i need to play some other people too…hit me up when u going back down there.


I forgot to mention that Ricky did quite well against Pedro.


… I dont see how people flip a win into a scraping…

Javier did you kinda dirty, stick to blackheart dude :smiley:

Next time I wont bring my fone and maybe I can play a few straight games :lol:


:lame: There you go again with those excuses.