6 Button Design Template (Qanba Q4)


Hey everyone, first post, sorry it’s a request so soon!
I was wondering if anyone here had the design template for the Qanba Q4’s 6 button layout, which is apparently quite different from the default layout (8 buttons).
To clarify, I’m referring to this set up here:

I’ve already made a layout using the 8 design template but removed the last two buttons, but when it came to printing it out i found the plexi for the 6-button didn’t fit my design by quite a stretch (especially the joystick, d’oh).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately the 6 button Q4 you have isn’t common enough for people to have made plexi for it as they have with standard QanbaQ4/EightarcFusion sticks. You’re best off cutting your own piece of Lexan or getting a local shop to do it for you. Getting them the dimensions would be the difficult part. Good luck.