6 button layout arcade stick


Hello, so i just received my arcade stick in the mail and upon using it i noticed that some of my combos werent going off. Then i realized the LB and RB buttons are at the top left of the stick. I was wondering if i should return the stick because I feel it’s inconvenient and not good for street fighter. Any thoughts?



6 buttons is the standard layout for many. It’s common to find players blanking off the last 2 buttons or straight up not using them. I personally have them left empty for Street Fighter.
All preference though.


totally fine, just use the 3 buttons


You only need 6 buttons for Street Fighter. You missing your combos means that you need more practice.


Thank you all for your responses. Do you guys think that the KKK/PPP buttons offer advantages?


The only advantage those buttons have is it makes it easier to hit an ultra, but that’s about it.


Those buttons are crutches for players with bad execution (and it’s not like hitting 3 buttons is a hard thing).


Did you really not notice before you got it that it only had 6 buttons? :o

Anyways, like people are saying 6 buttons is fine. You’ll get used to it fairly quickly.


as soon as i got my fightstick i turned those buttons to no function and im glad i did. makes you apreciate execution a little more. but to each his own


I specifically got a 8 button stick, thinking I’ll need PPP and KKK. Within the first 10min I realized its easier to press three buttons simultaneously than getting my lazy pinky to respond lol.


If you don’t mind me asking, what is the generally accepted way to play four-button games, like most of SNK’s fighters, on such a layout? I’m very used to the four-button layout, but unfortunately, the case that I’m using to build my next arcade stick doesn’t quite have the surface area to facilitate it.


I guess there are multiple ways you could make a layout for 4-button games, you need to find what’s comfortable for you. As for what is generally accepted way to play four-button games, I think their are two ways

One way is…

Another one is…

Edit: Check the spoiler because the SRK Wiki had a few more button layouts



I use them for plinking sometimes. It can be hard to do cr.hp xx mk legs ultra 1 with chun li. I plink 3 kicks with hp to do the one frame link

Though most of the time I dont even bother. I think even pr balrog uses those buttons for very specific situations.


Thanks, Screw_Tiers. The older KoF games really were meant to be played on four buttons, at least until XI — with a six-button layout, you have to more or less choose what to sacrifice. As it stands, I’ve actually been using the “Move D” layout for XIII for the exact reasons mentioned above, but I find '98 completely unplayable on this layout. Without EX moves, it just gets in the way of entering MAX mode and adds a bit of awkwardness to rolls and light kicks. I suppose I’ll use the two-row (LP HP/LK HK) style once I build this thing and see how that fares.


No problem @DJPeasant, I haven’t play KoF XIII, but I’ve play 2002UM and some hack version of 2002, so I’m trying to learn the old KoF style so that I can play KoF the right way (imo). I’m just hoping it doesn’t mess with muscle memory with it comes to other FGs (but I do play Marvel 3 in KoF style, so I shouldn’t worry too much).


@Screw_Tiers‌ — it won’t mess up your muscle memory too much. Jumping right from a game of KoF to a game of Street Fighter or vice versa is rough, but in my experience, at least, it stays sorted out.
The reason you should use the straight ABCD layout for older installments is that you have the AB combination to roll, ABC to enter MAX mode and/or charge up, and the CD combination for counter-attacks – everything goes in a nice, neat straight line. If you’re already very suited to Street Fighter, it might not be worth the effort to adjust to the classic layout, as rolls and counters are still somewhat manageable in the even split two-row layout — it’s just MAX mode, which you should use fairly conservatively with most characters anyway, that’s really annoying in that layout. The EX moves in XIII — which use button combinations like AC, BD and such — greatly detract from the convenience of the classic layout, although it’s still useful if you’re really afraid of pulling off accidental EX moves. If you plan on playing a bunch of XIII at any time, it just might not be very useful to learn the classic layout.
That’s my take, at least. Do whatever you please.


You can play KOF, or any old Neo-Geo games with the top row of 4 buttons. In fact, the top panel for the Taito Vewlix cabinet actually has a 7th button hole to allow for the 4 on top config just for KOF (and other 4 button games on this layout).